My new love

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, I change the blog almost daily.
I have discovered a LOVE for designing things. This isn't to say that I'm necessarily good at it.
But I enjoy it. It's addicting.

I do everything on the Picnik app on Facebook.
I need to find something new, I know.
Speaking of Facebook, I deactivated mine.
It was so hard, but it was the best thing I ever did.
I now just use the app through the husband's facebook.
But I have sworn to not look at anything else. It's so hard.

I recently designed a bridal shower invitation for my soon to be cousin in law. She's so darling and I'm so happy for them. Here is one that I designed. I am doing a few to have some options. This is the first one ever. Turned out ok right? I'm pretty pleased. Also, I'm obsessed with yellow and gray lately, can you tell?

I'm falling in love with the kids I work with at the daycare. I am already in love with the nursery babies at church. Oh they are so so cute. I kiss them over and over. I'm not even sure if that's allowed. Which is why I can't whine that I'm sick, cause they have all been so sick. I just thought I was invincible. Which I am, practically. :)

These are pictures of the most precious Valentine I received from my friend Meili in nursery.
When darling kids show up on my doorstep with deliveries...
All of the poops, burgers, and germs are oh so worth it.

A few of my Day Care friends

Hugs and Kisses

I'm off to a hot date with the Mr


I just left class crying

Seriously I did.
I just left my statistics course in tears.
Ridiculous? Yeah.
Is my teacher ridiculous? Major.
Maybe I'm just dumb.

I was rockin my stats class.
I even made my FB status "I love statistics"
Big deal right?
Pshh. I HATE it now, in case you were wondering.
It's so hard!

Derek was bringing me the keys, and I went out to meet him and just broke down.
Derek I'm sure was trying not to laugh.
I would be too.

I was almost caught up in school, and am SO behind again.
It never ends.
I can do it though.
After I hire a killer tutor.

PS...I have only eaten oatmeal and a yogurt today.
When I said I was dieting, I wasn't intending to starve myself.
Imma go eat now.

A special shout out to all of you who comment and encourage often! It means A LOT.
I love you.


Day 1 a success?

Breakfast: Yoplait light yogurt, clementine
Lunch: Turkey + thin slice of cheese on whole wheat bread
Snack: peach, clementine
Dinner: salad + asparagus + mushroom and chicken pasta
Yes the chicken is in one piece.
It was leftovers from 2 nights ago.

I know yogurt , bread, processed meat, or pasta isn't the best, but I was at school from 8:45 - 4:00. And I need to go grocery shopping but can't cause I have to do stats homework first.
Do those sound like excuses?
Dang it.

I did drink about 12 of these monsters today.
I also urinated like 18 times...during my study group.

But I resisted treats so many times.
I'll go grocery shopping by Thursday, and buy yummy healthy food to make some real meals.
Any suggestions on what to buy?

I'll be buying:
cottage cheese
an assortment of fruits
etc. for cooking

Please share, what is your favorite healthy/semi-healthy snack?
Mine is probably carrots. It's the easiest snack that keeps me busy.

I may or may not be headed to New York this weekend.
Depending on flight loads.
Can't wait.


The new weight loss

As you all know, I have ADD REALLY bad.
I am really good at focusing...
on blogs
on changing my blog layout 4 times in 1 day
on eating
on sleeping
on dreaming about crafts I want to make
on cleaning
on cooking
on playing with kids
on distracting Derek and talking his ears off. Literally. Jk.
on pretty much anything that isn't studying.
I'm even good at busy work, like writing papers, you know, that stuff.
But I can't study for tests for the life of me.
I think it's cause I can't see my progress.
I have so much more motivation when I can see my accomplishments.
I wish I lost a pound for every concept I memorized, or for every page I read in my textbook.
With the rate technology is going, soon enough.


Have you ever

Have you ever had to sneeze while your eating?
Yeah, well that just happened.
I was eating raisin bran with delicious little slices of my fresh banana perfectly divided throughout my bowl.
I felt it coming.
But without enough warning.
Usually I bolt to the sink.
Or if a napkin is nearby, I'll use my manners.
Neither of those were options today.
With raisin bran filling my mouth.
I sneezed.

You might say that I have


Lucky me

You know you're blessed when you have a husband who has taken care of his sick wife all day...
  • done the grocery shopping
  • got me medicine + sprite + saltines
  • did a huge load of dishes
  • tickled me back while I lie sick in bed
  • and doesn't expect anything in return.....
and then we have this conversation...
Me: "Thanks so much for taking care of me today love."

Him: "Thanks for being my pretty wife."

I was going to apologize to those who may be getting sick of hearing me talk about Derek so much, then I changed my mine. I'm not sorry, and it's not ever going to stop, cause I just keep falling more in love with him as the days go by....
Mushy? Maybe.
True? Absolutely.


A romantic day with the Mr.

We had such a lovely Valentine's Day.
I stayed up late and got everything ready for the next morning. I set my alarm for 6:30 to make sure I woke up on time. I got up and began making these lovely things...
and some not so lovely...

We ate together, then I rushed off to work and school.
When returning home, the spare key was wrapped in a sticky note that said
"use the headphones honey"

I was so excited. I rushed in, and a table was set out in front of me with a DARLING bouquet of flowers, a piece of paper, headphones, and a CD.

I know I look gross. I had just woken up from a nap and wasn't feel well.
Is that a good enough excuse to look like this on V-day? :/

I later found out that Derek wrote and recorded the song in the few hours while I was at work, then he rushed off to school. Seriously, he is the most talented person ever. I tried uploading it as a video but that didn't work. Anyone know how to load a song from itunes to a post? Shpanks.

He arrived home. I was so giddy and in love. We hugged. We snuggled. I gave my gift.

Fingerprints galore. Not sure why it looks like that.

I had spent the last couple months making our 2010 photo book. I am so excited to have our first scrapbook complete.

For dinner, Derek ordered Cafe Rio take-out, and brought it home to have a candlelit dinner with his valentine, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Buble. It was so romantic and so lovely.
I am so in love with my valentine.
We ate, we danced, we ate some more, we shared secrets, we shared memories.
It was the most romantic evening.
PS...I wore my new favorite shirt all day.

TO ammon LOVE hyrum

HILARIOUS. Especially if you know Hyrum (9 yrs old)

Hi Ammmon how are you doing? Well I guess I already know that because I read your awesome letter!! So were you and your "comp" sick on the exact same day and did you not go preach the word of Christ when you were sick? Ahh just forget that. I mean with an awesome brother like you (just so manly) would totally go out and do that. I mean just picture it H A L L S T E D. Let me explain just look.

H - Hallsteds are the best and the coolest.
A - Awesomely and legitimately the fetchin' awesome.
L - Lazy is a negative for the Hallsted's.
L - Loving and caring for everyone especially you!
S - Stupid is not allowed in are family. (since when?)
T - Telling you how great we are.
E - Enjoying family nights and games with are family.
D - Dogs are fun like Phoebe.

And just so you know it's going pretty well around here.



oh baby!

For some odd reason I got a job.
Odd because: I am behind in 16 credits of textbook reading. I just started volunteering. And now this job.
I'm WAY excited about it though!
It's on campus. In the baby daycare.

My life consists of children.
I'm majoring in children, I'm in the nursery at church, I volunteer in the kids crew at Primary Children's Hospital, and now I'm working in a daycare.
I'm thinkin' this'll be good enough birth control to last a life time.
Maybe not. Cause I obviously like kids.

All Derek hears about is kids.
Here's to more kids for me to talk about!


My Bestie's doin it!

Dear Kaitlin,
You have been called by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to serve an 18 month mission starting May 18, 2011 in the New York, New York South Spanish speaking mission.....
and I could not be more excited for you!!!
I love you so much Kait. You have been the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for. You are such a great example to me and so many around you. Congratulations Sister Gray!!!

Things I want, Things I like.

I used to think these were stupid, but now I kinda really want some.
I thought the same about leggings, skinny jeans, etc.
And now I wear them all.

I have a bad habit of picking at my nails.
Someday I will have pretty nails like these.
I picked this photo cause it kinda looked like my hands.
A little wrinkly and some crooked. :)

I always like and want him.
Preferably without the stray monkey.

I want to be able to read for hours without stressing that I should be studying.

My boots don't zip up anymore and my feet get soaked when it's wet outside.
I need new ones. Too bad they are so expensive.

I want twin boys so bad.
Aren't they darling?
Twin girls are too competitive.

I want to live in Thailand.

When my hair is healthier, I want a pretty hair color like hers.

I LOVE little hands and feet.
I could kiss em' all day long.

Holding hands. Can't ever get enough of it.

Eyelash extensions would be fun to try someday.

This is the most dreamy nursery I've ever seen.

I want a baby girl to dress up in tutu's and big bows.

Someday these will all come true.
And I can't wait.

I also can't wait for some warmer days this week.


So Bitter

I'm gonna die.
This weather took 9 of my fingers this morning.
It left only my wedding ring finger luckily.
I guess we really were meant to be together.
My ears are still thawing.
I'm thinkin' about growing facial hair to help keep warm.

I think this has been one of the most brutally cold winters ever.
It warmed up for a bit, and of course right after I say to Derek that I hope winter is over, it snows.
Just to torture myself, I have Maui weather as one of my cities in my weather app.
Just so you know, it's 82 degrees there right now.
I'm buying my plane ticket there for life right now.

I wish...
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