Lucky me

You know you're blessed when you have a husband who has taken care of his sick wife all day...
  • done the grocery shopping
  • got me medicine + sprite + saltines
  • did a huge load of dishes
  • tickled me back while I lie sick in bed
  • and doesn't expect anything in return.....
and then we have this conversation...
Me: "Thanks so much for taking care of me today love."

Him: "Thanks for being my pretty wife."

I was going to apologize to those who may be getting sick of hearing me talk about Derek so much, then I changed my mine. I'm not sorry, and it's not ever going to stop, cause I just keep falling more in love with him as the days go by....
Mushy? Maybe.
True? Absolutely.


  1. Well I hope you know that I LOVE hearing about Derek! and you falling in love with him every day! :) Its so cute! You two are adorable! and you got a keeper! love you amanda

  2. That's so cute Amanda! You found a good one :) Just so you know, I love hearing about you and Derek, it's way cute!

  3. Nice Mands!!!
    So cute, you guys are so lucky to have each other. Mushy? Yes. But that's perfect, so who cares!?

    2 more things: I am so beyond flattered that my blog is listed on your friends list! Ahh! And thanks for reading my blog and commenting, ya big nicey.

    And, your new blog design is fantastic! I absolutely love it.


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