You can fly....no you can't....you can.....jk it's cancelled!

Derek and I were planning on going to Seattle for Spring Break. It's Monday and we're still here... But all is well! It's still been way fun.

Friday night we went to Christine Beckstrand's wedding
reception! I can't believe she's married! She's so grown
up! She was a beautiful bride and looked so happy. Her
and Devin have waited a long time for that day. The
friends guessed that she'd be the first married. Check!
Then they guessed me being second. Check! I thought for sure I'd be one of the last. Wrong...and I couldn't be
happier. :p Congratulations Chris! Sure love you!

After the reception, we ate some yummy soup my mom made, then headed over to the church to cheer on Breton. He had the most cheerleaders I've ever seen. He played unbelievable! He scored 20 points! It was awesome. Derek was able to see a mission buddy who I was actually friends with long before his mission. We played around at home and watched Forever Strong. Oh yeah and Yujin was there! She came and played with us which was fun. :)

Saturday came, and Derek had a huge Thai test to take at BYU for language credits. It was 2 and half hours long! Poor kid. While he was taking his test, I packed for Seattle and caught up with my good friend Josiah who is also getting married. After D's test, we ran lots of errands, got lunch, then headed home to find out the flights were really fully and getting cancelled. We headed up to bountiful to get Derek's stuff for Seattle just in case, and went to the airport to fly to Long Beach with my parents to then try to get to Seattle. CANCELLED. Boo! But we were able to spend a fun night up with the Walkers! It's always so fun up at their house. I sure love them. I feel so blessed to have them as family now!

We went to church with them and Justin gave an incredible talk on trials, and Mckenna and Joni sang! It was a great sacrament meeting. I was in charge of turning pages for the song. I FAILED. One page I put up floated away and one slid down on his hands. Oops. Hehe. We left early and came to my house to have dinner and hang out with my family. It was fun. We ended the night with watching the Fugitive with my parents. Such a good movie. Derek and I both fell asleep near the end.

It's now Monday, and I'm sitting in my 2 hour class so I don't have to take my final. Boo school. Jk I love school. Just not when I could be playing with Derek. But it's almost done! I passed time by playing on my blog. This guy giving this presentation is nuts! He is dancing and screaming to these songs he is showing us. He'll be telling us stories and all of the sudden switch to a different accent. It's so entertaining.

Well I'm off to get my midterm and test scores! :/ I'm nervous but excited to see if I'm able to keep 100% in my class!


Let's Make a Deal is finally here!

Airing today at 1:00 PM is the ultimate Let's Make a Deal.

* Starring my amazing cousin, champion of the gameshow, and overachiever, The Holly Phelps

I'm quite nervous to watch myself, I'll be honest. I was over the top. My cousin Alicia and I decided to be extreme together. She better have lived up to her word. Ugh I'm nervous.

Such good memories though. The adrenaline I'm sure will all come rushing back through me. Woo! Go Wayne Brady! (I remember thinking I was at a Wayne Brady concert when he walked out. I forgot that we weren't supposed to treat him like Elvis. Everyone clapping, and I.....screaming and throwing my arms at him. I just know it already....I made a fool of myself.

Gameshows are the best!!


My silent, stinky office....oops!

I'm sitting here at work starving, looking for something to snack on. I found a bag of popcorn and decided that it'll do for breakfast. So as I'm making copies, my popcorn is popping away. I listen closer for the pops and they've stopped, and as everyone knows, that means the popcorn is done. I run to the microwave in hopes that I've caught it just before burning. Wrong-o! I pop open the door and smoke comes rolling out. The terrible smell fills the smoky office. I take the bag and run outside to the balcony. Leaving the bag outside, I come back in hoping it doesn't smell too bad. It reeks!!! One after another, people stroll in and out of the office. Every person says, "Wow, who burnt popcorn?" And I have to shamefully admit to it. I thought it could at least be a little funny, but no one in the office thinks it's funny AT ALL. So here I type, in my silent stinky office, hoping that they won't be bothered with me for too long.
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