Things I want, Things I like.

I used to think these were stupid, but now I kinda really want some.
I thought the same about leggings, skinny jeans, etc.
And now I wear them all.

I have a bad habit of picking at my nails.
Someday I will have pretty nails like these.
I picked this photo cause it kinda looked like my hands.
A little wrinkly and some crooked. :)

I always like and want him.
Preferably without the stray monkey.

I want to be able to read for hours without stressing that I should be studying.

My boots don't zip up anymore and my feet get soaked when it's wet outside.
I need new ones. Too bad they are so expensive.

I want twin boys so bad.
Aren't they darling?
Twin girls are too competitive.

I want to live in Thailand.

When my hair is healthier, I want a pretty hair color like hers.

I LOVE little hands and feet.
I could kiss em' all day long.

Holding hands. Can't ever get enough of it.

Eyelash extensions would be fun to try someday.

This is the most dreamy nursery I've ever seen.

I want a baby girl to dress up in tutu's and big bows.

Someday these will all come true.
And I can't wait.

I also can't wait for some warmer days this week.


  1. I would like all of these also. I want TOMS soo bad.and twins :)

  2. Eyelash extensions = way fun and AWESOME not having to do your makeup in the morning. However, when they start falling out so you decide to take them all off but the baby oil isn't working like the nice lady said it would, so you end up plucking them all out one by one and in the end, totally look like a chemo patient = not way fun. But don't worry, they grow back! (:


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