The new weight loss

As you all know, I have ADD REALLY bad.
I am really good at focusing...
on blogs
on changing my blog layout 4 times in 1 day
on eating
on sleeping
on dreaming about crafts I want to make
on cleaning
on cooking
on playing with kids
on distracting Derek and talking his ears off. Literally. Jk.
on pretty much anything that isn't studying.
I'm even good at busy work, like writing papers, you know, that stuff.
But I can't study for tests for the life of me.
I think it's cause I can't see my progress.
I have so much more motivation when I can see my accomplishments.
I wish I lost a pound for every concept I memorized, or for every page I read in my textbook.
With the rate technology is going, soon enough.


  1. Where do you get all these layouts? Your blog is always cute, even though its different every time I see it, haha

  2. I know what you mean. I hate weight.


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