My accent

Others: Where are you from?
Me: I am from Utah.
Others: No way. Really? You sound like your from somewhere else, but I can't pin point it.
Me: Arizona?
Others: No, it's kinda of like a Wisconson, Utah, tiny bit of southern accent.

Yeah, what?!
I grew up in AZ and later moved to Utah.
Maybe I have.....a speech impediment?
Eh, who knows.
It's usually people I don't know who notice it, plus my Dad.
Yes, my father thinks I have a Utah accent.
So does that mean I have a hick accent?

I find this lovely.
I dream of walking this trail someday,
a long thin stick in hand,
a gentle breeze,
just cool enough to wear a light sweater,
and the only other sound being the skinny branch I found along the trail ticking against the fence as I walk
for hours
and kiss horsies cute noses as I pass them by.
The next day I will be walking with my sweetheart in my hand as I excitedly show him the beautiful trail I found leading to an abandoned cottage.

What's that? Oh you mean to tell me that I should be studying for my finals right now instead of daydreaming?
I'll consider it.

Ama(strong almost nasally A)nda

Solution: From now on I will be speaking in a british accent. Then people will think I'm cool. Why is that?


Time never slows

Time really never slows down does it?
I can't believe the semester is almost done.
I can't believe we've almost been married a year.
I can't believe I'm almost 21.
I can't believe I married the hottest man alive.

This weekend one of my best friends/cousin Taylor Olivia Jackson is marrying Thomas Olsen. I am so excited for them. They are a GORGEOUS couple.

See, told ya they are good looking.

Derek's cousin is also getting married the same day and time!
Tyson + Danielle sitting in a tree...KISSING.
I don't have a picture of them. Sorry folks. But they are good looking too. :)

  • I fly out tomorrow right after a final review to AZ for my cousins wedding.
  • I arrive in AZ at 6:30 and zip to the wedding dinner that starts...at 6:30...that I was supposed to be singing at, but I'm not sure I'm gonna make the flight. Good ol' standby.
  • Derek goes to his cousins pre-married reception tomorrow after taking me to the aiport.
  • Wedding craziness all day friday for the both of us
  • Try to study in between wedding activities
  • Baby shower on Saturday for foxy Roxy
  • Fly home sometime...ASAP cuz i'll miss my lover
  • Go to reception in Provo for mission companion
  • Study some more
  • Find some time for a hot date...a reception is hot, right?
  • Easter!
  • Breathe...hopefully.
Ladies: check out this blog. It's rockin. She is so inspiring.
Warning: You're going to want a sewing machine when you see how easy it is to make your boring clothing cute.

Welcome to the gOOd life!

Hugs and kisses,


All is well!

Ammon is back, and we are HAPPY!

He arrived at 10:30 Wednesday morning. Derek and I had to zip straight to class afterwards but were able to hang out later than day with him. It's fun watching Derek and Ammon get to know each other...again.

Friday we went skiing with half of the family: Mom, Ammon, Breton, Haley, and Hyrum.
It's been a long time since we have skied...besides Derek. Haley and Hyrum remembered quickly and were rockin' it on the slopes! Seriously...they were awesome and had such good attitudes.

Well school is very busy, and my mind doesn't want to focus, AT ALL. It's starting to get really frustrating, cause I'm almost done...but I won't be almost done if I don't focus and fail my classes!

Tonight's goal...figure out the example problem in Ch. 12 for statistics. I'll report back and let you know if I succeed. Sounds easy, but with my ADD mind right now, this is a huge task.

Over and out


Karate chop!

D ditched class.
To see me.
We went grocery shopping.
It was such a good date.
We loaded the groceries in the car.
We pull out.
We start driving.
We pass this.We try so hard not to laugh.
We feel like jerks.
We do have hearts, I promise.
I then shared it with my class.
That I didn't ditch.
They laughed.
My teacher wasted 45 minutes.
Talking about THAT.
Ah yeah.

PS...I am REALLY missing my long hair. I am growing it out. But I hear the new fad is short. I checked out the Aniston Bob. I love it. I love her.

P.P.S...23.45 hours.


The countdown!

My brother get home

in 38.32 hours
in 2298.02 minutes
in 137925 seconds

I can't wait!!!!!


Hair help

I recently went in for a TRIM. This was my hair before the trim(it was a bit longer and my natural hair had blended into my grown out dye quite a bit so it was lighter)....
(I may or may not have chosen this picture cause I think it's hilarious and Derek is hot)

And this is my hair now. SHORT.

Tears, right? I was sad, but ok with it. It's just hair. I'm really starting to miss it though, but more so feeling like my hair is such a weird length and cut. I can't do anything with it. It looks longer in the picture than it feels.

Here's the dilemma. I'm tempted to just go short since it's already chopped like 7 inches anyways. What do you think? I would go shorter than in the picture below, but that just gives you an idea of what I look like with shorter hair. I'd go blonder for a bit maybe, then I want to do something fun like dark reddish brown, with blonde chunks coming from under the top layer on one side. Or just do reddish brown kinda like in the picture. Can you tell I'm bored with my hair? And I'm feeling old. Haha. I feel like I need to do something young with my hair(this is where the funky blonde chunks come into play). Or should I try to grown it out again? Way too many decisions I know. That's why I'm making you decide, and I'm really gonna do it.

Opinions and advice PLEASE. My hair is feeling too mature.

PS...i had to change 'Derek is sexy' to 'Derek is hot' because it would be marked as internet spam. I giggled.


Nuff said

If you didn't see this at conference, you must watch HERE.
It's been an eventful few days.

Coming Soon...

*powdered sugar, yes powdered sugar potato soup
*it's official

Life is peachy.
If your peaches are rotten, go pick ripe ones and start again.
If you're like me, you need unlimited 'try again's'
I had an unproductive day, but will try again tomorrow while trying not to beat myself up over my rotten peaches 'yesterday'. My analogy may be out there, but it makes great sense in my mind since I'm the one that made it up.

Some hugs for you, 00000


There's a bee on your head!!!

Anyone use this one?
The bee on your head joke was my FAVORITE when i was in elementary school.

Today was a normal day.
My alarm goes off at 7:30 so I can be to work by 8:30.
I roll over to turn it off.
Something isn't right.
It's pitch black in our bedroom. It's usually pretty light by now!
It only takes me 2 seconds to realize it's April Fools and D has changed my clock ahead. Derek is sound asleep, so I sneak around the bed to turn the joke on him and change his clock. He was meeting his Dad for skiing at 9:00 so I changed it a couple hours ahead and created a fake text to be sent at about 9:20 to from his Dad saying, "Derek, I've been waiting for a while. Are you still up for skiing? Let me know. Love you". I was hoping D would sleep a lot longer. He wakes up minutes later, looks at his watch that says 7:14, and says, "Mandy, it's 8:14!" I'm trying so hard not to laugh. He was such a good actor. I roll over, say I'm too tired, and pretend to go back to sleep hoping that he would too. My joke obviously wouldn't work anymore, so I admit I caught him, and tell him what I had done. We giggled.

Come to find out, he was going to be driving me to work like he always does, but we'd be an hour early, so he would turn and go to Village Inn instead and take me to breakfast! Definitely the nicest April fools joke I've heard of. I was wishing I hadn't figured it out! Breakfast=breakfast essential drink. Not nearly as good as village inn.

After work, I came home and posted an Ad on KSL classifieds for a "free couch and tv we are giving away cause we are moving" with Derek's name and number attached. He was still on his skiing, hot tubbing, and lunch date with his Dad. About 30 minutes later I got a call from Derek inquiring about a "free couch I was giving away". Mwahahaha. I almost had him believing it wasn't me, but he asked Walker Honor. I admitted. I am now going to rule out Walker Honor on April Fools. :) P.S. he got at least 50 calls. Rock on.

Next joke of the day:
I got a speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago. When Derek got home, I convinced him that I forgot about it and it was late. "I spoke with the attorney earlier today. I have two choices. I can spend 1 night in the county jail, or pay a bail fee of minimum $500." I planned to keep the joke going all night and have him drive me there after his mission reunion, and instead go get shakes, but he was so concerned and I couldn't bare to watch him so concerned and sad. Poor thing.

Now you see how the D+A relationship goes. He is nice, I'm mean....but hilarious. Right Derek? ;)
Jk folks. Kinda. :p I LOVE April Fools day.

P.S. I'm pregnant.
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