...are great therapy.

Even when they are coming from the person you least wanna be hugging at that moment.

Hug someone today.


Plans always change

Amazing how one day you think you have your whole life planned out, then the next everything has changed. I thought I would be graduating this summer, then working as a full time Child Life Specialist at the Primary Children's Hospital.

Let me tell you a little story about tonight...
I'm starting my volunteering up at the Primary Children's Hospital every Saturday.
Tonight was the Orientation.
A Child Life Specialist came and spoke to us about what they do. I love the job. I want that as my career. A little piece of news she mentioned...
They are trying to get all of the Child Life Specialists to have a masters. There are only 3 full time specialists and 22 part time. Hundreds apply for the job. It's very competitive.

I have been thinking about getting a Masters Degree for quite a while. I haven't said much to anyone about it, cause people think that it's pointless for wives to get a masters degree when I should be a full time mom and only a mom someday. Well I do want to be a mom. I want to be a stay at home mom, that still has my hobbies. I still want to be my own person. Which is healthy for a family. Mothers are still their own person and should have their own thing that they still love to do.

Well I have found a Masters Program at UVU that I REALLY want to do. It's early childhood and education(no this is not elementary education). I could finish it in Spring of next year! It's seems almost unreal to me right now. It's such a perfect opportunity. It will open so many more doors for me in the world. Our question is...how are we supposed to afford two of us doing a Master's Program at the same time, full time, with me still volunteering at the hospital, and Derek and I being at 2 different schools that are more than an hour apart. We need to plant a money tree. That would solve all of our problems.

Another thing to throw in there....I still want to get my ASL Interpreting License, which I could also do through UVU. I think I could get all of this done in 2012. It's just how to pay for it all. I could work at UVU and we could get the benefits and free tuition? But I'd have to be working full time, and I don't think I could work full time and do class full time. Ugh.

Decision decisions. Keeps life exciting right!


Yes we have a child...wait what?

Tonight I went grocery shopping for like 2 hours.
We are set for the next year...maybe.
While checking out, the male cashier said...

"You are buying baby wipes. Do you have a kid?"
Before registering what he said,YES came out of my mouth.
He then asked, "How old are they?"

My thought process was this. 'Would it be easier to just say a number? OR explain that I don't have any children and why I was buying baby wipes.'

Well, before I had decided what I was going to say, out popped "Almost 2"
I grabbed my receipt and ran off before I had to lie 2x to cover up my terrible listening skills.

We'll pretend like this cutie is my "almost 2 year old".
I'd take her any day.


5000 minutes of our time to win...nothing.

I guess minute to win it is a no go. :( They told us they had everything worked out ready to go, they just kept asking us to send videos of us talking, playing games, etc. They told us they'd let us know our flight info yesterday, but don't worry, they never contacted us! Boo. We are bummed. But it's ok. Because I have SOOO much school work, Breton has a school dance, and derek couldn't come. So maybe it's for the better. But we were really excited to be on minute to win it. And a little frustrated that they had us do all of that, and then couldn't even tell us they changed their minds? They just left us hanging. JERKS.

I edited a picture of minute to win it, but apparently it doesn't like it so when I save it, it saves the original version.
I still love minute to win it and I still want to be on the show someday.

I also love Ellen DeGeneres. She's hilarious. I've come up with some additions to my bucketlist the past couple days.

I wanna go to a live Ellen show. Another Rascal Flatts Concert. And a Michael Buble concert. And like running. I'm going to try to learn to like running when it gets warmer.


A Minute to Win how much?!

Crazy but true...
I'm gonna be on minute to win it!!!!!
(if we pass boot camp)

All my aunts and cousins took our yearly girls trip to Cali this year.
We do a game show every year.
We did minute to win it this year!
It was a blast.
Because we had 23 people, they asked if we wanted a picture with Guy(the host).
Of course!!

Later they came and asked us if we'd like to be interviewed to be on the show.
Of course!!!!!

Well, to make a long story short, they liked my mom and I.
We were freaking out.
They left us with, "We will show your interview to the exec producers and let you know what they say. Boot camp is next(this) Thursday through Saturday and it will be all day every day. While waiting for the call, we need you to read and fill out these HUGE packets and get your doctors signature."

Last night they called, and said, we actually want your whole family!!!
So exciting.
So tonight we are skyping with NBC, then hopefully flying out tomorrow night for the 3 day Boot Camp, flying home sunday morning, then hopefully flying back out for the actual show either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

We're praying for the $1,000,000.
I've never seen it done.
I've only seen $50,000.
But I've only seen 2 shows. :p
And 50,000 split 8 ways, after 30% taxes.....
It's the experience that will be the greatest!


Nursery is so BANG fun

I got a new calling a few weeks ago.




I was so excited. It's a blast. I love those little kids. It's right in my major too. Kids, that is.

Today was a rowdy day for the kids though. All of their energy was feeding off of each other. But kids will be kids, and they are as cute as ever!

Now to the weird title...

I'm trying bangs!
I can't decide if I look 12 years old, like a dog, or if they are ok.
I think I like them! I needed something different.

Derek is pushing for my lighter brown hair again.
I decided to just get a cut this time and wait till this summer to highlight.

School starts tomorrow. :/
I can't decide if I'm nervous or excited.
It's going to be a busy, but good semester.
This semester, I'm adding a few things.

Volunteering at Primary Childrens
(This will hopefully help in getting the Child Life Specialist position when I graduate...this summer!)
working as an ASL ordinance worker in the temple.

I can't wait!! It will be a good semester.

And for my sweet husband...
Oh you know, he's just taking 21 credits. No big deal....

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