The turkey is good here too

This was our thanksgiving dinner view.
This pool is the biggest circular pool in the world!
The dessert bar was delicious.

These mini chocolate cakes had gold sparkles on them!

This Thanksgiving holiday is being spent in Newport Beach with Derek's family.
It's BEAUTIFUL here. The Thanksgiving buffet was DELICIOUS.
The weather is perfect.
The company is great.
I'm definitely not missing the cold.
I love it!
But.....I am missing one thing.
This is the first Thanksgiving without my family.
I missed them lots yesterday!
Three things that would have made Thanksgiving perfect:

1: My family also being there.
2: I could have done without the throwing up bug yesterday.
3: My mom's rolls and cooking also at the buffet table.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Walker Fam!

Hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


L is for...

Let's eat!
Jk, but really, I'm always game to eat.
L is for LOVE. I've decided that being in love is the greatest thing in the whole world. I love "love butterflies", and yes I still get them when I look at or am with Derek.
I know lovey posts are annoying, but I'm in love with my best friend.
The past few days, I've had my eyes on my handsome husband and can't help but smile when I look at him. He is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.
And we get to be together.....FOREVER.
What a blessing and joy this gospel brings in the knowledge that families are forever.


We love you Nana Jo

Nana Jo passed away Monday November 15, 2010. She was truly one of the greatest people. She was so spunky and happy always. She had the funniest sense of humor and was always cracking jokes. She was such a great example of service. While in the hospital, she was still planning a big Christmas dinner for us and saying what she was going to cook. She never gives up. She has done so many great things in her lifetime. We love her so much and are going to miss her dearly. I wish I had more pictures but boring wedding pictures were all I have on my computer. She has some of the funnest and craziest pictures.



Sometimes girls just need to cry and don't know why.
It's stupid, but it's a fact of life.
Today was one of those days.
I am so busy and school is overwhelming me.
Anyone else feel this way or am I just crazy?

School is hard.
Semesters would be perfect if they were just one month shorter.
It really is one month too long. Don't ya think??

Then I was thinking how stupid it is that I feel overwhelmed when I don't even have a job, besides managing our apt complex and doing little chores around the complex occasionally. I'm super lam-o. But I wonder if having a job would help me feel less overwhelmed? Sounds weird I know. I've never NOT had a job though since I was 14! And I used to have 2 or 3 at the same time, while being in musicals and being Senior Class President and planning graduation.

All day I was wishing I could just leave and go on one of these with just Derek and leave the world behind...As much as we love family, friends, and school, we really love being with JUST each other. Our only vacation alone so far was our honeymoon. I was sick, and SOOO tired. I slept on average 11 hours a night and took about 3 hour naps almost every day. I want to go on a second honeymoon, not being sick and not needing to catch up on sleep. On a boat. To somewhere cool. With my best friend. Call me high maintenance, but I can dream can't I?

I'm kinda thinkin' that all these thoughts and emotions are a sign that I'm focusing too much on myself and not enough on the Lord. Time to go serve I guess.


Christmas has begun...

...like 3 weeks ago.

I got really excited.

And then this happened.
I'm so excited for christmas!
Now we just need presents under the tree and to start creating our own christmas traditions. I'm very excited for our first christmas together.

This season we are also in Savior of the World at the conference center.
I love it. Derek likes it....sometimes :p
He is a trooper to do it with me though.

Happy holidays! :)



I don't want to ever try and change our blog template ever, ever again. That was the biggest nightmare. I had about 5 different things goin' on. But of course, I'm gonna try it again. Cause i'm just stubborn like that. :p


Our blog is goin crazy

Sorry if you see a million different designs. I'm struggling.

I was playing around with a new template and can't get it back.
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