MoDeRn FaMiLy

We LOVE it.

I just took down the Christmas Tree.
After finishing up, I said, "Wow, our apt looks empty!"
Then of course, Derek, being the jokester he is, went on for about 10 minutes to say this...
"Well, yeah. Besides the couch, the books on the floor, the tv, the entertainment center..." etc. He continued going from room to room, naming everything in sight. Then he ended with this...
"But yeah. Besides all of that, it's pretty empty."
Followed by the end of his joke, was him applauding and whistling and saying, "Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all night! Have a good night everybody!"...like he was a famous rockstar.
In the time that he was naming everything, I ate a candy bar, went to the bathroom, washed my dishes, and wrote a thank you note. No joke.
So glad I have a husband to keep me entertained.


-Keith Hallsted-

My Grandpa passed away around 7:00 last night, in Mesa AZ.
Words can't describe the influence my grandpa had on so many lives.
He served more than I've ever seen someone serve.
He laughed at my jokes.
He listened to my silly childhood stories.
He served me.
He taught my Dad how to work harder than I've ever seen someone work, who then taught me to work HARD.
About 5 years ago, he had a stroke. He started to forget things.
This was the start of Alzheimers.
About 2 years ago, he could still remember who I was after some talking and story sharing together.
After visiting him in October, he had no idea who even his son (my Dad) was.

It's been a bitter sweet experience.
I wish so bad I could have been there with Grandpa in the hospital and been there with all of the cousins to help paint, re-carpet, re-do the lawn, and replace furniture, etc. at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We leave for AZ tomorrow. I can't wait to see everyone at such a special time.


I am SO HAPPY that Grandpa is himself again in Heaven. He knows who he is now, and knows who he is talking to. He can be with his brother and son. He can see that I got married and see what an incredible man I married. He can know how much I love him. I can't wait to give him a big hug again someday. Miss and love you Grandpa.

*Can't wait to give this sweet lady a hug.*


No school, somehow = productivity

I've been trying to figure out why all of the sudden I feel so productive in the day.
I have so much motivation to get things done.
And I've been so very happy!
I'm thinking it's because school is done.
But I like school, sometimes.

Speaking of school......
I graduate this summer!!!
I can't wait.

Then......I'll probably go back to school.
If my brain isn't fried by then.


The Happiest 6 months on earth!

Yesterday was our six month anniversary!
I cannot believe how fast time flies.
I feel like our wedding was just yesterday.
It has truly been the best six months of my life. I woke up early to make breakfast in bed for Derek, then continued stressing out for my final. Derek is the master of "breath in...breath out".
I was a mess last night and this morning.
He is so good at helping me to not stress out and just breath.
I went to take my 2 hour final and came home to a spotless apartment, and flowers on the bed! He is the sweetest thing in the whole world. It was so very nice to leave a messy apt feeling stressed, and come home to a clean apt feeling so relaxed.
He also spent some of the night before and the morning of, helping me study.
He is amazing.
Also, last Thursday we spent the day at the Happiest place on earth. Yes it's true. We went to Disneyland right before finals. We spent a lot of time doing this in line....
We went with 4 of my siblings and mom. We can fly for free cause she works for jet blue. The reason we went at the most inconvenient time ever: we had free passes that were about to expire. Now I'm trying to decide if it was worth missing that extra studying. Of course it was. It's the happiest place on earth!
Small World was INCREDIBLE

Derek's the nicest brother in law. Hyrum loves him.

Space mountain is the best ride ever!

3 finals down, 3 to go...


Birthdays and getting festive!

My eye's decided to get a little festive and add a little more red to the holiday season.

Yes, I'm ok and nothing is wrong. :p
This is the never ending question when my yearly pink eye shows up.

I'm loving the Christmas season!
Derek and I got our Christmas ShOpPiNg done for each other up in Park City!
Now the question is, what to get for our families?!

For Derek's birthday, I surprised him and we stayed in Park City for the night!
It was SO FUN! And yes, he was VERY surprised.
He thought we were going to be performing in Savior of The World that night.
And if you've talked to him, you know how much he LOVES that. ;)
We had a BLAST.

We relaxed for a bit,
went shopping at the outlets,

had dinner at Cafe Rio

Watched a little
went to the pool and hot tub

did a little homework

and loved every minute of being with just each other.
I wish I would have taken better pictures.
Here is the video of him being surprised.
He was blindfolded, and thought for sure we were going ice skating. :)

Hope you are are all having a wonderful Christmas Season!
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