A romantic day with the Mr.

We had such a lovely Valentine's Day.
I stayed up late and got everything ready for the next morning. I set my alarm for 6:30 to make sure I woke up on time. I got up and began making these lovely things...
and some not so lovely...

We ate together, then I rushed off to work and school.
When returning home, the spare key was wrapped in a sticky note that said
"use the headphones honey"

I was so excited. I rushed in, and a table was set out in front of me with a DARLING bouquet of flowers, a piece of paper, headphones, and a CD.

I know I look gross. I had just woken up from a nap and wasn't feel well.
Is that a good enough excuse to look like this on V-day? :/

I later found out that Derek wrote and recorded the song in the few hours while I was at work, then he rushed off to school. Seriously, he is the most talented person ever. I tried uploading it as a video but that didn't work. Anyone know how to load a song from itunes to a post? Shpanks.

He arrived home. I was so giddy and in love. We hugged. We snuggled. I gave my gift.

Fingerprints galore. Not sure why it looks like that.

I had spent the last couple months making our 2010 photo book. I am so excited to have our first scrapbook complete.

For dinner, Derek ordered Cafe Rio take-out, and brought it home to have a candlelit dinner with his valentine, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Buble. It was so romantic and so lovely.
I am so in love with my valentine.
We ate, we danced, we ate some more, we shared secrets, we shared memories.
It was the most romantic evening.
PS...I wore my new favorite shirt all day.


  1. You guys are sooooo cute. I really need to do our 2010 scrapbook.

  2. You guys are too cute! I am totally digging the shirt and I want one myself:)

  3. 2 things:

    1. I love Derek's hair buzzed like that. Jake has been debating whether or not to do the same thing to his, but I think Derek pulls it off really well!

    2. WHERE did you get your shirt?!

  4. Alright Amanda this post is ADORABLE! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :) You two are so so cute! and I love the song and I have not even heard it. I hope that you can get it uploaded because I would LOVE to hear it! I am so glad that waking up early to make breakfast worked!
    Love you so much!!!

  5. This is so cute! I love you two :) miss you!

  6. You guys are sweet. You remind me of jason an myself. Keep it forever!

  7. Ps email if you want a invite I dont feel bad if your not interested in a old ladies family blog :) hugs sis solomon

    1. Ok I know this is like a YEAR late, but I want to read your blog!! I don't know how I didn't see this before! I hope you get this!

  8. um..CUTE! you guys are SO cute! and thats the cutest idea. ahh! i love it.

  9. i was talking about the book :)
    AND his song.
    haha k ill stop


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