Day 1 a success?

Breakfast: Yoplait light yogurt, clementine
Lunch: Turkey + thin slice of cheese on whole wheat bread
Snack: peach, clementine
Dinner: salad + asparagus + mushroom and chicken pasta
Yes the chicken is in one piece.
It was leftovers from 2 nights ago.

I know yogurt , bread, processed meat, or pasta isn't the best, but I was at school from 8:45 - 4:00. And I need to go grocery shopping but can't cause I have to do stats homework first.
Do those sound like excuses?
Dang it.

I did drink about 12 of these monsters today.
I also urinated like 18 times...during my study group.

But I resisted treats so many times.
I'll go grocery shopping by Thursday, and buy yummy healthy food to make some real meals.
Any suggestions on what to buy?

I'll be buying:
cottage cheese
an assortment of fruits
etc. for cooking

Please share, what is your favorite healthy/semi-healthy snack?
Mine is probably carrots. It's the easiest snack that keeps me busy.

I may or may not be headed to New York this weekend.
Depending on flight loads.
Can't wait.


  1. hi. pro dieter here....i have like a million suggestions.
    theres this bread and it's "sara lee delightful wheat" and its 45 calories per slice. it's really light, but you can still have a sandwich for really low cals! you can't cut out ALL real food or you will go crazy! so it's a good sub.

    im gonna fb message you with more! i'll help you make this EASY :)

  2. and then i remembered you don't have fb!
    hahaha. oh well, call me ridiculous but i'll just share it all on here.
    -string cheese is only like 60-80 cals.
    -special k has these 90 calorie bars, and it tastes like a treat.
    -there's progresso soup and its a HUMONGOUS can..and it's only 100 calories for the whole thing, and its delish.(and there's a healthy choice one)
    -reduced fat chunky peanut butter (1 or 2 tbsp. a day or you will not lose) but dip apple slices in it..mmm!
    i think thats all for now, and if i remember more i will tell you. im just a huge sugar person, so some of those were my subs for it, and i lost 30 in 2.5 months! (counting calories)
    jealous about new york.
    this is a novel.
    have fun! good luck :)

  3. So jealous about NY. We were just there on Valentines. Im in love with that city. My favorite healthy snack is Apple Slices and Peanut Butter.

  4. Fiber one makes a 90 calorie bar that I find to be yummy! They also make 100 calorie snacks like cookies and chips for your sweet tooth if you have to indulge a little. Slow Churned dreyers ice cream I literally put in in a half cup and eat out of it a half cup is only 120 calories. Cheerios in a snack bag 1 cup is 100 calories chicken is always good cause it is low calories just be careful about salad if you put too much dressing on it it defeats the purpose of a salad. I don't even use dressing. I usually wont go somewhere to eat unless i can see how many calories is in the food. If they don't have a nutrition guide you know it has to be bad! Just make sure to always have something in your purse so you won't be tempted i am huge on fruits and veggies:)

  5. Amanda!
    Youre doing sooo good! I made the goal to not eat any more CANDY haha and you no how many times I had to RESIST eating Candy!!?! Also I wanted to run/bike for 30 minutes and I did it yesterday! Ok one of my favorites snacks that are healthy are cuties or almonds, so whenever I am tempted to eat candy ill pull out the almonds. WAY to go on eating healthy! You rock!! P.s. Youre going to NY!! Take me take me!!! haha I cant believe I am going to be serving there in less than 3 months!! love you!

  6. good for you. try carrot sticks and peanut butter (natural, of course).

  7. Good start! I find the best thing is just to buy lots of fruits and veggies (my doctor told me you really need about 4-5 servings of each a day!). Use these as your replacements for treats and candy (you can't just stop eating them, you have to replace it with something else).

    Also, healthy eating is a lifestyle, not just a temporary diet, so make sure you are eating things that can sustain you for life, not just momentarily - or you'll give it up.

    Stay away from canned foods - they have a lot of preservatives and sodium. Check the ingredient list for high fructose corn syrup - that stuff is horrible. Don't eat too much breads either- that stuff is a sure way to weight gain.

    You can do it girl! Way to go Amanda!


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