And it came to pass...

...that Amanda became a Ute. It's true. I have transferred to the University of Utah. I'm now majoring in Human Development and Family studies. I'm excited about it. I'm taking 18 credits this next semester and hoping to continue working towards my ASL interpreters license. Derek is majoring in economics at the U.

Derek just graduated from Real Estate School!! I'm so proud. He has worked so hard all summer. He is working with his dad, and going to be a real estate agent during school. He is incredible and such a hard worker.

We are loving managing at our complex here in Salt Lake. Things were a little interesting this last week with having to evict a drug addict, cleaning out his disgusting apt, and another apt growing mold from the freezer and fridge. We were able to get lots of hours in though! Today we scrubbed and cleaned for 3 and half hours. We have worked off 1/5 of our rent for this month which we are very excited about.

We are speaking in church tomorrow. Surprisingly I'm nervous. I haven't felt nervous to speak in front of people for a while. We'll see how it goes!

This next week we get to babysit these cute boys.

I'll update about our honeymoon and canada soon!
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