TO ammon LOVE hyrum

HILARIOUS. Especially if you know Hyrum (9 yrs old)

Hi Ammmon how are you doing? Well I guess I already know that because I read your awesome letter!! So were you and your "comp" sick on the exact same day and did you not go preach the word of Christ when you were sick? Ahh just forget that. I mean with an awesome brother like you (just so manly) would totally go out and do that. I mean just picture it H A L L S T E D. Let me explain just look.

H - Hallsteds are the best and the coolest.
A - Awesomely and legitimately the fetchin' awesome.
L - Lazy is a negative for the Hallsted's.
L - Loving and caring for everyone especially you!
S - Stupid is not allowed in are family. (since when?)
T - Telling you how great we are.
E - Enjoying family nights and games with are family.
D - Dogs are fun like Phoebe.

And just so you know it's going pretty well around here.


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  1. "Dogs are fun like Phoebe"
    This. Is. AMAZING


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