A very white Christmas

We absolutely loved spending our Christmas holiday in Utah. We were missing snow here in the city and were hoping for some in Utah. Well, we got snow. Four days of it! It was great to spend time with family and see those gorgeous mountains again. We feel so blessed to both have such wonderful fun families. 

On our way from Walker's house in Bountiful to the Hallsted's in Cedar Hills, we stopped by our humble old place in Salt Lake. It was such a crazy feeling. It almost felt like we'd never left. I honestly cannot believe it's been a full year. How has time gone by so quickly?!

We spent Christmas Eve with my family with this stunning dinner set up and mattresses all set out for our big slumber party. We enjoyed traditional pot stickers and orange chicken, then did our white stocking for Jesus tradition, had a fantastic lesson by Papa Bear, watched the Nativity, then Polar Express. My family has so many traditions to squeeze in that are all so fun!

Hyrum somehow always made himself comfortable right on top of Derek. It was so cute. I'm so glad that Derek is such a good older brother to that boy, especially with brothers having been on missions.

Papa Bear in his new Christmas pajamas. Coolest pajamas ever. And ever so fitting, wouldn't ya say?

Papa Bear with his best pal, Phoebe.

We got a kick out of these twin boys. They came out and looked hilarious together. Same glasses, same pajamas, same hair, same socks, both with a watch. It was too funny.

Papa Bear's present to himself! Ha! We're still not sure what inspired the overalls, but boy howdy I think they're great.

I must mention, my little sister Hannah (bottom right) sewed all of these pajamas. Amazing.

The American Girl Doll she has always wanted and never got cause she always cut the hair off of all her dolls. My Mom is thinking that now that she's almost 16, she may be old enough to know better. ;)

Just Dance 4. These boys surprised me with how into it they got. So entertaining.

SO MUCH SNOW up at the Walkers.

Fun with friends.

Visiting sweet Papa (Derek's grandpa) at the care center. Sure love that man.

Look closely at the puzzle. It's a family picture from our wedding. That was our Christmas gift to Joni and family and it actually ended up being a lot of fun to do!

Fun in the Walkers gym. I think I have loads pictures of these boys playing football in the gym from every time we visit.  With terrible lighting every single time.

Get Air in Kaysville. This was another time when I realized my body and mind are getting older. Things get scarier and more difficult. It's quite frustrating.

Ice skating in Provo. We ran into one of the Kid History dads. It was fun to hear his real voice without the voiceover of a kid.


Jamaica workation

I was lucky enough to watch these cuties in Jamaica for a few days.

And even luckier to have this guy come along.

We loved hearing their little footsteps in the morning to come snuggle with us.

We adore those kids. They make us hope for twins. Cutest twins ever. Watching Derek with those kids makes me so excited to see him as a daddy someday. 
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