Derek's Premier Post (DPP)

Amanda has been kind enough to let me in on this "blogging" website. I think it's way cool. I always loved reading other classic blogs such as "My life..." by Amanda Hallsted and "Bradford & Jenessa" by Bradford and Jenessa Davis. I feel honored, excited, and hopeful as I approach the beginning of my blogging career. As for an update on right now; I am one week away from being done. Of school at Utah State University. I am rooming with Trey and Blake, my dear friends. In the near future, I will be marrying the brightest, most beautiful, most loving, most talented, most best person in the world. Her name is Amanda, the co-author/founder of the blog. I declare my love for her. Then, the rest will be history. Thanks readers! I love you!


We're changing the name!

I will be changing my blog site!
2 reasons:

1....my name is soon no longer going to be Amanda J Hallsted.
2....i get to share my blog with Derek now.
I thought I'd put this up to give a heads up. I'll also post on facebook the new address. It is available as of now, and if it is still available, it will then be:
I checked for derekandamanda but that is taken. And amandaandderek is weird. So derekamanda it is!


Missin the girls!

My cute sisters and mom were able to take a girl trip to NYC this week! They all could choose one friend to take. So 8 girls gathered in the Hallsted home on Monday night. I was able to go say goodbye and send them on their way. I was so sad that I couldn't go with them, but how fun for them that they get to do that! I have gone home 2 times this week while they've been gone, and it's not the same without them there! Miss the girls in my family. Boys are lovely too, but not quite AS lovely. :)
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