Where'd my motivation run off to?

So like way back when (like 3 months ago) I was superwoman. I decided to run a half marathon, trained like a mad woman, ate crazy healthy, was lookin' good, feelin' good, and was so proud of myself. I thought, this is it for sure. This is the beginning of my healthy life and there's no end to it. Well about a month into training, we went to Utah. I ran a couple of times in Utah and about died because of the elevation, I ate crap (cafe rio, hires big h, kfc, pantry packed with treats, etc) and I thought I'd get right back to where I left off. 

3 months later here I sit...
Totally untrained, eating whatever the heck I feel like, and wondering why a big strong wave of motivation hasn't washed over me like it usually does every month or so.

Derek and I have talked a lot recently about motivation. Our dear Zen Habits friend talks about motivation. Motivation comes and goes for us all. So how do we push through the times we don't feel so motivated? Well he reminds us that these times don't usually last long if we just continue on through them and keep up our good habits. But it's SO HARD! 

The greatest advice I've ever heard was, "If you need to do something, do it!" Don't wait. Just do it. I think about this all the time. Why is it so hard to shut the computer, roll out of bed, put down my book, and go run? I just need to stop putting it off and do it. 

So I have my new training schedule printed off, and tomorrow is my start. I'm nervous since I'm still not sure where my motivation has run off to (I feel so extremely unmotivated), but I'm going to "Just do it". I'm going to run those few miles, I'm going to make that salad instead of just eating cereal and cinnamon coffee bread for the convenience . I'm going to apply for that job instead of distracting myself with a book, the Olympics, or Facebook.

My last question. Why is it when I finally decide to do a half marathon it seems like everyone and their dog decide to do one too? It makes my goal to run one seem so much less significant! I guess I need to find some more loser friends instead of like really cool motivated ones. Jk, but seriously. My friends are awesome.

And speaking of awesome, TODAY WAS AWESOME. Derek and I walked our little hearts out until late into the night. I love being out and about with my best friend. We have way too much fun when we are together. After a stressful and long summer, it was nice to not think about anything but each other. We visited friends, ventured to Queens, Central Park, and Lincoln Center. We talked each others ears off, laughed our little hearts out, and felt like a young newlywed couple again. Sometimes when life gets busy you need some of that. I even get $100 for following through with a dare to Sing Old MacDonald at the top of my lungs in the middle of the city. He should have learned by now that I WILL follow through with dares. YOLO. But really, $100 doesn't mean much because it's my money too, and I'd rather save it than spend it. Oo maybe I'll trade it for a back massage or something.

On our way to church. And don't ask how you take candid pictures of yourself but I swear to you that at least one of these is candid. 

This is for real. I am so spoiled! I had just painted my fingernails when I decided I wanted to paint my toenails too. But I couldn't take my nail polish off my toes without and chance of ruining my fingernails. I had a serious dilemma on my hands. Serious enough to ask Derek to take it off. He was the sweetest. "What has happened to my manhood? I'm doing my wife's toenails, while watching women's basketball(olympics), and spent last month watching the bachelorette?!" HILARIOUS. I was dying.

This is what the sky looked like last night. Times Square lighting up the night sky. Drooling over this site.


I have been

Seeing family
Seeing friends
Dying hair
Cutting hair
Staying up late into the night playing games
Cleaning the house to prepare for guests
Making food
Admiring the sky
Staying up late into the night drawing on sleeping faces
Soaking up time with the bro before Chiuaua Mexico borrows him for a couple years

I'm ready to be home and stay home for a while. Loved my travels this summer but I'm pooped.


People watching

Do you ever watch people and wonder what their story is? Wonder if they have a Mom or Dad, a husband, children, anyone at all, if they are happy with their life, angry at the world, what trials they've experienced, or what today brings for them? I sure do and thoroughly enjoy it.

I love the airport. No, I wouldn't choose to be dealing with the airport for more than 24 hours to get to a family reunion, but I love people watching and feel like I could sit here all day asking myself these questions about people that pass me by.

Last night while we waited more than 3 hours on the runway to take off, later being brought back to the gate because they cancelled the flight, I observed the man next to me. I told my aunt and husband he was a creep, but maybe all of his weird actions had good reason. Maybe he went to the bathroom 10 times, 30 seconds at a time, to let out gas so I didn't have to smell it. Or maybe he was going through a hard time and needed to let out a little cry here and there. Maybe he had a bladder infection, or a runny nose. Maybe he dropped his phone on the ground over and over again to keep himself entertained, and not to look up my skirt. Maybe he really has a hard time holding on to things. Maybe he was really just wanting to be helpful when he offered to put my bag in the overhead bin like 5 times, and I still said "no thanks".

Then there was the girl who burst into tears when finding out the flight was cancelled. I wanted to hug her. I don't know if she is just sensitive, if she was trying to say goodbye to someone before they passed away and now wasn't going to make it, or if she wanted to see her daughter play soccer, and does she even have a daughter or family to lose? Regardless, I felt bad, wanted to know her story, and wished there was something I could do.

Then after my journey home to sleep in my bed for 3 hours, I returned to the airport at 5 this morning to find out my flight was delayed 2 hours. Luckily I was able to watch and ponder the jewish man praying and reading his bible. It was the most incredible thing. He pulled out his "boxes and ropes" (I'm going to research what they are really called), tied them to his head and arms, put his shawl over his head, stood up, turned around, sat back down, all while touching the box on his head, then his chest, or something like that. Since moving to New York and doing some research, I've gained such an admiration for the Jews and how faithful they are. It's truly amazing.

Or Peggy Abdul being paged in the airport over and over because she is going to miss her flight. Is she related to Paula Abdul? Maybe they are sisters and they are out for lunch. Maybe she was having too much fun on the strip here in Vegas to leave. I'll just assume good reasons.

Or what I like to call "Ninja Turtle man" here in front of me. He is covered in Ninja Turtle tattoos. I'm so curious what the story and motivation behind wanting to permanently tattoo his body in ninja turtles was. I do love ninja turtles myself, but I can't say I love them enough to cover my body in them. Maybe they inspired him so much that they completely changed his life and he wanted that as a constant reminder on his legs and arms. Maybe he was drunk one night and his buddies dared him.

Then my least favorite being the beautiful brat sitting next to me on my last flight. Someone made a stink, she made a big fuss about how stinky it was asking who "freaking farted". Then after landing, she called her mom and proceeded to greet her with "What the hell is wrong with you. Are you freaking retarded. Are you an idiot? Do you not know how to comprehend things? Why didn't you call all of my friends and their parents before paying for a shuttle for me?!" I wanted to smack her.

People watching is so great. And I believe airports are the greatest place to do so. The whole world comes together here, and entertains me so well. The 50's music isn't so bad either. :) Thanks people, for letting me people watch you.

On a side note, this article is beautifully written. Our world has a serious misconception of how girls and women should be and we need to help steer away from this!


"We Are Young" cuties and my job(s)

For smiles, here is a cute video for you to watch.

These cute twins know every song title, artist, album name, album cover picture, and the lyrics to all of them. It's truly amazing.

Yoga in Bryant Park

My headband broke, so I decided to make a bracelet out of it. I've gotten more compliments on it than any other jewelry item ever. Yay for recycling!

Yummiest snack ever. In fact, so yummy it turned into a whole dinner.
Gluten free crackers + cheese + turkey + avacado

Now... my "new" job. I am grateful to all of you for your care and interest. You're all the sweetest.
My job situation is a bit complicated at the moment. I have started a new part time nannying job that will potentially be a permanent part time job. 

I am switching jobs because the family I have worked for is moving to California. They have been traveling a lot to CA, meaning I have only worked 3 days for this new family the last two weeks (and counting) because this new family is also vacationing. It's been scary to not have work and not know what will happen, but I know and am praying it will all work out soon and everything will be ok. 

My other new part time job WAS going to be an internship at ABC 2020. After doing the interview with them a few months ago, they told me they would love to have me come work for them. I couldn't because I was working full time, but now that things have changed, it became a possibility. Well it now turns out that they thought I was a student, and I guess they only take students as interns. Hmph. So.... now I'm on the hunt for something else. I love nannying and it pays very well here in the city, but I think I am going to continue looking for a part time internship so I can build some sort of resume other than nannying.

Thank you all for your love and support. It means the world! 



Mr. Disney is wonderful

We got to squeeze in a little vacation to Disney World with my family this last week.
We aren't sure we are going to be able to make it to my brothers farewell in a couple of weeks so we feel so grateful for that time with my family.

It was a blast. I must say that I prefer Disneyland though. Anyone else feel that way?

Please excuse the poorly collaged pictures and blurriness of all of it.

This was the most incredible show I'v ever seen. The most amazing things were done on this castle with a projector. You must go see it for yourself sometime.

I don't think I ever want to go to an amusement park without a wheelchair ever again. We were so spoiled.

Posing for the rides is obviously 80% of the fun. Am I right?! I said 90% when we were there and got shut down. So I'll compromise with 80. 

And best for last. The greatest tan lines you'll ever see. Every summer.
PS...this foot does not belong to me. It belongs to my dear father.

I start a new job tomorrow. I am going to be all over the place with work until September. Life is a bit overwhelming and complicated at the moment, but I know things will work out the way they are supposed to.


I had a birthday shout hooray

I'm the old age of 22 now. It feels like just yesterday I was having my 16th birthday party.
Those days I had parties with humans.
These days, I have parties with these guys...

The people I work with are the cutest. They made me feel so special and loved on my birthday.

My sweetheart also made my birthday so special, with breakfast in bed, and fun little gifts throughout the day. 

We started with my first gift at midnight, being Tei Fu, an essential oil Derek became a big fan of on his mission in Thailand. I'm falling for it as well. In the morning he started with giving me the Zen Habits book. I'm quite excited to read it. We love Zen Habits. If you don't know much about it, LEARN. It's wonderful. My next gift was the movie Casper. We both LOVED that movie growing up. After work everyday we meet in Bryant Park for a few minutes before Derek's night classes. We met and he gave me his last present, which was a cute coupon created my the Mr. himself, for a pair of new Toms. If you remember what my Toms looked like HERE, well, just imagine that but worse. With both big toes poking out much more than anyones should, and the insides completely worn and the top leather layer ripped off. They have served me well, but it was definitely time they be retired. Toms have saved my feet here in the city. They are my only shoes where I don't end with blisters at the end of the day. I walk so much.

I received so many sweet sweet phone calls. Some were HILARIOUS. They kept me entertained all night long while Derek was in class. I also spent a couple of hours on phone interviews that all went very well, which was a great birthday present to myself. Some changes happening over here in the job area. I'll keep ya updated. 

The sweet family I work for gave us a fancy dinner out for my birthday. It was so nice to go spend three hours talking away at a dinner with gorgeous views and no distractions. Definitely a night to remember.

Thank you Frasers! Sure love you guys!

My awesome in-laws also gave me the first two seasons on Downton Abbey. We're still trying to figure out the characters but we're definitely starting to get hooked. 

My family is on their way to Florida and had a layover here for church. They joined us.

Or at least they were there physically.

This week we'll be joining my family in Florida.
It's true, I'm off AGAIN. Anybody else feel like I'm ALWAYS on an airplane, cause I sure do!
We're trying to steal as much time with my "little" brother as we can before he heads off to Chihuahua Mexico for a couple of years! You can learn more about why he'd leave us for two whole years here. :)
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