We went to....He got his....we auditioned for...

We went to Cali over the weekend for the holiday! It was a blast. We stayed with the Richards. They are awesome! When we called to ask if we could stay with them, we found out that we weren't the only ones going. Come to find out.....
Trey, sara, mikey, darby, ted, ben, and stephen were also going!

It was so fun! They haven't made it into a house yet. Yup, you guessed it. All 14 of us stayed in their apt! It was packed, but a blast. Derek and I shared a twin size bed, trey and sara shared a twin, even stephen and ben. It was a giant slumber party. We spent all day monday at the beach. It's been a long time since I've actually gotten in the water! It was FREEZING but so fun!

We took Derek's little brother Jacob with us. It was a surprise for him. It was fun surprising him. Hugh, the Richards boy, is best friends with Jake. So we decided to surprise Hugh also.

Recently, Derek and I tried out for Savior of the World. I am so excited about it. We still don't know if we made it, but I hope we can share that experience together this winter. We tried out hoping for just ensemble. Funny enough, we both got called back to read for leads!! Derek got called back to be a PROPHET. Yes, a prophet. He wouldn't go for it though. Haha. He is such a doll for wanting to do the show with me though. Really. I got called back to read for Joanna/Salome. The are in a few scenes after Christ is resurrected. Very neat scene. I went to my audition tonight. I have wanted the part so bad. I still do, but I found out tonight that all leads have to perform every night..................................that's a HUGE commitment. But I'm going to pray and think about it. Who knows if I'll even get the part.

School is good! Very busy. My cute husband is such a hard worker. He has his first real estate client. Since we've been married, he has become a real estate agent, built a website, and really become quite the business man. Sometimes it's hard to let him go do business even though I know it's to support our family, cause I want him all to myself and LOVE having him around. But I am trying hard to be happy to let him go. :p I just miss him when he's gone. That's all.

Best for last.............................................................................................................DOCTOR HALLSTED IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dad, Barry Hallsted, is now Dr. Barry Hallsted.
He got his PhD!
He has worked a LONG time for this!
My Dad is probably my biggest example in life. He inspires me so much. I couldn't be more proud of him. He is the hardest worker I know. I say that in all honesty. He is so giving, and always looks for the good in people. He was always my go to when I was having a hard time, wanted to tell someone something exciting, had a question about school or anything in life, and the person that has been my best friend throughout life. I love my Dad so much.

Congratulations Dad! I LOVE YOU!
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