A litte decor tour

Holy cow! Blogger has changed, and I'm loving it!
I'm also here to to give a small tour of some of our apartment decor.
***And yes, I did have fun playing around with the new blogger. Don't mind how obnoxious all the colors are ;)

Our pillows.

Our canvases painted by Derek and myself.

Lemon vase.

LOVE orchids.

Love our view of the garden.

Earl the owl.

I have a new love for plants. Maybe someday they'll be real ;)

Our willow tree couple my Father-in-Law gave me on V-day 2 years ago that I love so much.
(2 days after we got engaged)

Our magazine recycled mirror

My sparkly pear.

Got this vase for $2 on amazon.

This glass dice cube thing I found in a garbage bin near central park. Yes, the garbage.
I was desperate to put something in the smallest shadow box. That'll have to do for now.

And best for last, our lovely relax reminder made of newspaper by the Mr. Post about that HERE.
Please ignore the cluttered mess. We're still moving in. And probably will be till it's time to move out.

Also, does THIS make ya excited to have babies?
My surgery may or may not have allowed me to go through some of that, but coming home with NO baby. I choose taking home a baby next time. 


  1. Dude! I read that link about having babies and I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Haha! Such fun things to look forward to. =]

  2. Oh, and P.S. your apartment is adorable!! Loving Earl the Owl.

  3. Okay your apartment is super cute...and you know you will have to keep that blue block that you found in the garbage forever right?! I read that pregnancy article a couple days ago I had 4 of the 10 happen to me and #10 was so true lol;) But in the end when you have that little baby everything is so worth it:) When I was pregnant I told Neil never again will we have a baby and my pregnancy was not even bad...now I could have another baby right now, I know crazy since B is only 10 months old...but they just grow up way too fast!

  4. Um, SO CUTE. I need that mirror. And the glitter pear. Because I love glitter, and who doesn't need a glitter pear?!


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