that's what he said...

hey bloggering buddies-

how's it going? i couldn't resist just going crazy with the font. in an effort to stay trendy, i'm writing in helvetica and not capitalizing anything. 

some background before i jump into a story: i work as an intern for a real estate development and consulting firm here in the city. there are about 8 employees and then two interns. 

us two interns work back in the break room. what words would describe our space? windowless, echo-ee, and windowless. what other words describe it? lots of treats, unlimited in fact, and hanging out with my counterpart, heli. man oh man do we have some partying times back there. the administrative assistant is very good at keeping the snack supply well supplied. the best part is that all of these treats are literally like 3 steps away from my desk. everyone else has to walk down a long hall to get them, but not us!

anyways, my friend heli and i have lots of deep conversations while we are working away. the other day, he asked me what my childhood career dreams were. that is something i haven't thought about in a long time..

the earliest i remember is in first grade when i wrote a book report on neil armstrong. as you may have guessed, i wanted to be an astronaut. the combination of neil armstrong and my love for space ice cream fueled my passion. of course that passion didn't make past second grade, because by that time, my passion became writing stories. i had a series of stories about a boy who lived a second life fighting evil space dudes on various planets through the universe. all he had to do was look in his telescope in his room and he would be zapped up into space.

after my writing phase, i became obsessed with designing basketball and skateboarding shoes. i would literally sit in my room with paper and just design shoes over and over. i had my own brand called "dee's" with its own logo and everything.

designing shoes then carried over into designing skateboards, under the brand "skullz." once i moved to utah (age 10-11 ish), my brand name switched to "blackfip" and at one point i had actually talked to a skateboard manufacturer about starting my brand for real. i never pulled the trigger. what could have been, i wonder.

my love for skateboarding and skiing led me to a passion of filmmaking. my brother and i worked on skiing movies, snowskate movies, trampoline movies, skateboarding movies, and everything in between.

my passions have changed countless times since then, and continue to change all the time today. 

what are your childhood dreams?



  1. I wanted to be a pilot but ended up doing Speech & Language therapy which I didn't enjoy so much! Definitely being a pilot was the way forward.

    Pilots and photographers are kind of similar, right?!

    Great post, btw!

  2. Hey D! Personally I think you should've stuck with designing shoes. I would have bought some for my Mr. and for the new little guy. For sure. Me, I'm pretty sure I always wanted to be a mom, which is scarily happening in T-21 days. That and a ballerina. If only I could fit in a tutu these days...

  3. Always wanted to be a music teacher and a mom. Gee, I'm predictable and boring. But I'm consistent! and I got my wish! 'Course, I have always wanted to be a Disney voice too. And I guess I have always wanted to perform on Broadway. But that's still in line with the music thingy.


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