The ward and our new callings

Derek's been called as Bishop, and I'm Relief Society President.
Ha, gotcha! Thank heavens that's not true. Don't take that in the wrong way.

But we both have new callings. We're excited, nervous, and excited. Oh, and nervous.

I've been called as the Primary Music leader. Yay! It's going to be so much work, but a lot of fun. I went and watched the music leader today and I sure have big shoes to fill. She is DARLING. I hope everyone doesn't miss her too much when I'm the leader. :p

Derek has been called as the Young Men's 1st counselor! He'll be perfect and such a good example to those young men. And he told me they already have so many fun and crazy things planned for mutual, scout camp, etc. He gets to go mini golfing, wake boarding, and do all these fun things with the boys. I'm so jealous! Seriously, so not fair.

The ward: We like it, but we are sure missing our Salt Lake ward lots. Our ward here is like a fashion show every week and everyone seems to be from Utah, Arizona, or California. We had so much more diversity in our SL ward. I love the bishop though. He's the nicest guy and was actually in the same ward as Derek and I when we were little. Derek's dad was his young men's leader. Small world! And his wife is so great and so cute. She is a reporter for Fox news. We like them lots.

Happy Sunday to ya!


  1. You'll do so awesome! The kids are going to love you. Jared is the Teacher's Quorum advisor so similar to Derek's new calling. He loves his calling and all the fun things they get to do.

  2. Fun!! They will love you as music leader and your hubby is gonna be such a good example for those boys!! So fun! Funny that you have less diversity in your ward there...haha!

  3. You are darling too. Just remember to share your love of music and the Savior and everything else will work out!

  4. You'll be awesome! I'm Primary Chorister, and lemme tell ya, it is the best ward calling EVER. :) "Hohmann Family" is right - just focus on the basics, they neeeeeeeed the basic "Jesus loves you" and "Make good choices" and "Love others" more than EVER in the history of the world. And YOU, m'dear, are lucky enough to get to share these wonderful things through music! Plus, you get to sing "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" in the mix. It doesn't get better. ;)


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