I'm a New Yorkuh

Hey Guys
It's been awhile. I am here in NY while Amanda is still in Utah (see below). I miss my sweetheart like crazy. Living in NY has been fun... but what's fun without Amanda? Nothing!

I have lived here for almost a month, but today I officially became a New Yorker... someone asked me for directions!!! And I knew the answer!!!

So it's been a pretty monumental day for me. My program has been awesome. My building is just a couple buildings down from the Empire State. I love being surrounded by huge buildings everywhere I go. It's also crazy being surrounded by all these big time real estate people all the time. New York really does feel like the center of the world.

With Amanda being gone, I have had time to further my arts and crafts skills. I made some closet decor that I am pretty proud of:

I cut out "relax." out of newspapers, glued them to cardboard, then taped it to the wall.

Last thing:

My brother's band "Hema" has a new music video and are in a contest on KSL for best garage band. The contest is on Facebook, whichever video gets the most votes gets to play live on KSL directly following the superbowl!! Everyone check out the video and give it 5 stars!!

Love you guys,

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  1. I agree, nothing is fun with out Amanda! :) And that is SO cool! I love the newspaper letters!


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