Today is day 2 of me spilling my cheesy gratitude over all of you.

Before I start, I want to say thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. We were contacted by so many, and we felt so much love. What a good reminder of what great friends and family we have! Even strangers! THANK YOU! We sure appreciate all of you.

Today I'm feeling grateful for a boss who is also my friend. It feels strange to even call her my boss. So I've decided that I'm going to refer to her as my fross (friend boss). I feel like my whole life I've been blessed to work with some pretty great people. But maybe this will give you an idea of how great she really is.

Before working with her, I had a phone interview set up with her on my birthday. She found out through our connection that it was my birthday, and here is how our conversation went.

Fross: Are you sure you're ok to talk on your birthday?

Me: Yeah, only if you sing me happy birthday (Yeah, I said that. I was obviously feeling a little confident. Sorry Fross!)

Fross proceeds to sing me happy birthday

For reals! How cool is that. Meant to be friends, ya think? That night I told D how much fun I had just talking and I hadn't even met her yet. The hours weren't what I was originally looking for, but I wanted to make it work, and I'm so grateful I did. I've been so happy working for them. They've become our family away from home and we both feel so blessed to have them in our lives.

When I finish work,  I sometimes don't end up leaving for an hour cause we just talk. And those cute kids are pretty hard to leave too.


  1. I love this post. Your fross sounds fabulous!

  2. They probably needed you just as much as you needed them. I bet the feeling is mutual. Great blessings!

  3. I could tell, Jill, your fross, was an amazing person from 1. how incredible her kids are! and 2. from just talking to her for that few minutes! I love that you get to work for such a great mom, person, and friend.


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