Papa Bear

This whole posting everyday thing is a little foreign to me. I admire people who have the dedication to do so.

Today I've decided I want to share my gratitude for my Dad. Papa Bear, as we like to call him.

Anybody who knows me will know how much I love Papa Bear. He may never see this, and that's ok. My Dad has been there for me through so much. He kept me going through my lowest times. He is always there when I need a hug. He's always been there when I needed a blessing. When I needed to talk. To vent. To cry.

He taught me how to work hard. To work in the yard. He is the hardest worker I know. Anyone who knows him would know this. I can talk to him for hours. In fact, anyone could talk to him for hours cause boy howdy that man knows how to talk. Everyone who knows him, loves him.

He is always wanting to learn new things. One of mine and Derek's favorite things about him is that he is open minded. He is open to new ideas, new ways, that to many his age and generation seem outrageous and unacceptable, or just plain silly. He gets us. We can talk to him about things that we can't with most.

He knows our struggles and hardships and doesn't judge us. He has supported us through them and continues to do so.

He has always shown he respects me even though he is my superior. He loved me when it felt like no one else did. He is truly the kindest person I know. He always finds people's good intentions even when it feels as though they are bad.

He will be the greatest Papa Bear (grandpa) there ever was. He is so darn cute with kids. Kids just fall in love with him. Probably because he's a kid at heart. Really. Seems fitting to tell you where the name Papa Bear came from. He one day told me he decided he doesn't want to be called Grandpa when we have kids. His name is Barry, so after I'm sure much thought and deliberation, he decided that Papa Bear seemed most fitting. Much cooler than grandpa of course, and fits him perfectly! It's now my favorite thing to call him. I can't wait to have little kids to call him Papa Bear. Every email or text we receive from him is signed Papa Bear. It puts a big smile on my face.

I sure love you Papa Bear. Thanks for being the greatest Dad a girl could ask for.


  1. Such a sweet post.

  2. And Dad feels the same way about you! Loves you more than you know!

  3. Love this post and love papa bear! Your dad is truly amazing man! I am one lucky girl to have such a great pseudo family!


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