Pigeon Diaries + a very important question

One day while out exploring with mi familia, we were swarmed by pigeons while eating lunch. We decided to mess with them a bit since they were messing with us.

We'd throw food out, let them swarm, then stomp at them and scare them all away. For some reason they kept coming back for more. It made for some pretty fun pictures. It was actually kinda scary taking them cause I would get totally swarmed by flying pigeons.

My favorite is the one of Ammon (my elder brother) with his arms spread and the pigeon's wings spread below him. 

Check it out!

Question of the day:

Do you load your bowls on the top rack or the bottom rack of the dishwasher?
There's some loading strategy exploration going on over here.


  1. Fun pictures! I load my bowls on the top Neil puts them on the bottom and I end up moving them to the top

    1. So funny. Derek and I have always been the opposite!

  2. Top :) leave the bottom for plates and pans...

  3. At first I thought it said, "do you load your bowels..." one of the problems of being in nursing school...

  4. I usually load them on the top, but if I don't have enough dishes filling up the bottom I move them down. I'd rather have my Tupperware on the top, than my glass dishes.

  5. So now I have the question, "Why are we so inclined to load the bowls on the top?" I do it too, but I am not sure why. I am guessing it might be because the top is shorter and bowls are shorter than plates???

    Love what you did with the moving photos! How did you do that?!

  6. I load small bowls, like for cereal, on the top. Bigger bowls, like mixing bowls, on the bottom where there's more room for taller stuff.
    Fun pictures!

  7. For me it depends on the kind of washer you have. I've ALWAYS loaded them on the bottom until this summer when we got a different washer and everything just fits better to have them on top. I never used to have enough room for cups if I put them on top before.
    btw, what's your email? Do I have it? mrhohmann at gmail dot com


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