Dreams coming true + a little clarification.

Since getting married 2 and a half years ago we have dreamed of going back to Derek's mission in Thailand. We talked about it like it would happen, but wondered if it ever really would.

Well guess what..... IT'S HAPPENING!!!


We're feeling so extremely blessed to have this opportunity. I can't wait to go see this country that holds such a special place in Derek's heart.

This will be our first trip alone (besides our honeymoon in Bear Lake...which was, well, you know how honeymoons often go. ;) I was so overly tired, ended up sick, it was freezing, and we both had a lot of homework while there. But just being together, alone, with no one else to please or see, was oh so nice.) FOR REALS. We sure love trips with our families too, but we can't wait to have our first big vacation adventure with just our little family.

My cute little Elder. I can't believe how young he looks!

And one of my all time favorite activities. Reading letters between Mr. D and I from his mission. But my favorite part about it is watching Derek laugh so hard at the things he said in his letters. I love how hilarious he thinks he is. :) He really was always so entertaining.

And because I think this topic needs a little explanation...

We are so blessed to live in NYC. We absolutely love it here, and feel so grateful for this opportunity. I think that my blog and facebook make it appear that we live this easy life full of playing and adventure only. Maybe I need to do a "real life" post to clear things up a bit.

When talking to a few people here and there about trying to get this trip to Thailand going, some have mentioned that "you don't need a vacation, you're living one!" or "You live in NYC, you could just count that as your vacation." I have mentioned this before back here, but I've even been told that my life is "too easy".

Well sorry to break it to ya, but life isn't all rainbows and lollipops out here. The first 8 months of living here our schedule was as follows: I woke up at 6:30, left for work at 7, got home between 6-11pm depending on my schedule that day. Derek was working long hours at his internship followed by night school that didn't get done till 9 or 10. It was exhausting. But if I were to post our everyday lives, I'd bore you to death, so I keep it to the highlights.

Moral of the story: We love our lives. We love NYC. We are so grateful for these opportunities we have. We're so busy. We are working our tails off to make these experiences a possibility. We have lots of student debt. We're doing our best to make happy happen. And we're excited and scared to figure out where life will take us next.

Thanks for listening :) I appreciate and love your support, excitement for us, and thoughts. xoxo


  1. Anonymous10/18/2012

    I absolutely love reading your blog and how positive you always are! Keep it up :)

  2. I love your blog... I'm in a blogging rut right now. So jealous of your upcoming trip! Mitch and I have yet to take a large trip alone.

    1. Looks like you better make a New York trip here in the near future! ;) You know you've got a free place to stay. So glad I could help you plan out your first big trip. :)

  3. Amanda, first off I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog. I like how you are always positive but at the same time you are honest, and share things that are hard in your lives. A lot of blogs I read are only about the fun things they do, or the awesome their lives, which is fine, but it’s very refreshing to read your blog and know that you guys have the same normal struggles like most people. It makes it very relatable and relevant. So keep it up! And secondly I just want to say that I know firsthand that these two are both very busy and hardworking people! My wife and I were one of the free loaders that crashed in the family room for a week while we were on vacation in NYC. So not only did they have to do all their normal day to day activities, but they also had to entertain us, and share all of their stuff! I just wanted to say thanks again for letting us stay with you; we had so much fun and are so grateful! If anyone deserves a vacation it’s you guys! Have fun!

    1. Tommy, you win the number one comment of the year award. That means so much. Thank you thank you. We loved your company! And your gratitude means so much. Miss you and your cute wife!

  4. What jokesters think you guys are not busy? Silly people. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!! Those pictures are a DREAM. That will be the ultimate vacation. And let me tell you, the Bahamas was mine and Trey's only "alone" vacation besides our Honeymoon and it was magical. I can't wait to hear all about it!

    1. When you and trey went on that trip, Derek and I were dying to do the same. We did some serious investigating into a similar trip! So thanks for your inspiration and motivation. It's all happening because of you guys! Also, jokesters is a good word to use. Much nicer than what I thought when they first said those things. :)

  5. The longer I live the more I realize that it is a true gift to be able to take the day to day mundane things and see the positive in it all - to find joy in the journey (pardon the religious pun there). You have that gift. Enjoy it and share it. It helps others see their blessings.


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