More family fun

Having family in town was too much fun. What made it the best was having Papa Bear (my dad) there. He doesn't do too many trips because his knees are not very nice to him. In fact, they are terrible to him. Poor guy. But he was such a trooper and went everywhere with us!

Love these two. Please excuse the bad shadows.

Teenager missing her friends. I remember those days.

Papa Bear always teaching us something new. I swear to you he is the smartest person I know. Ask him anything, and he can probably tell you all about it.

This thing is a shock collar for people who snore. Seriously. Only at a thrift store.

Talk about missing teeth. I asked him to give me a smile and this is what I got.

Bloomingdales samples on the top floor. AMAZING.

THREE people in my family won the lottery for Newsies. THREE! It was awesome and well deserved. They do it every time they have come to the city and never won. We had some people say "It's cause your mormon!" I asked how they knew. They said, "There is a million of you, and the young one has a BYU sweatshirt on!"

These two love talking. My Dad loved learning from Mr. D about the green buildings in the city.

A parade we came across. Not sure what it was for, but the costumes were pretty cool! We got a nice little show of many butt cheeks. Too many.

Thanks for coming fam bam!
Sure love you guys!


  1. so fun! I love this family...the end.

    1. This family loves YOU! Really, I miss you!


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