My "easy" life

I got a text from one of my favorite people in the whole world the other day saying...

"You're life is too easy. I hope you get pregnant with triplets. Haha."

I laughed. I laughed because it's funny, because she is funny, and because this last year has been an extremely hard year, but we keep on going with a smile and positive attitude as much as we can.

But how could life be hard? I am married to the man I've always dreamed of marrying, I've graduated college, I have a good job, I live in NYC, I was on TV, I'm healthy, and my blog and Facebook just seem like life couldn't get any better, right?

Well life is GOOD. It really is. It has it's ups and downs, and I'm loving the last few days, but my life isn't perfect, just in case you too thought it was. Nobody's is perfect.

And THAT'S why...

we need to be a friend to everyone. We need to support them, to love them, and to be there for them, even if they don't seem to need it one bit. I promise you they probably do.

How many times have I assumed, or judged someone and their actions, been jealous of their situation, etc? Oh, probably like a million times. Like every day. Like all the time. Like way too much. Boo me, right? I'm so guilty of this. But I'm trying real hard.

Let's try together. :)


  1. Love this!! And with your attitude, I'm sure life will always be good, no matter what it brings. :) And hello, so cool to watch your clip on TV!!!!

  2. I COMPLETELY agree... I have the hardest time looking at the positive things. Its so easy to get into the "grass is greener on the other side" stage. Life is great!!

  3. Good attitude. I've found that I can face and get through anything with my hubby at my side, a positive attitude, and a lot of help upstairs. I've think life is what you make it and being kind to everyone ('cause let's face it - we never know the whole story) is a great start to a good life.


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