Mr. Disney is wonderful

We got to squeeze in a little vacation to Disney World with my family this last week.
We aren't sure we are going to be able to make it to my brothers farewell in a couple of weeks so we feel so grateful for that time with my family.

It was a blast. I must say that I prefer Disneyland though. Anyone else feel that way?

Please excuse the poorly collaged pictures and blurriness of all of it.

This was the most incredible show I'v ever seen. The most amazing things were done on this castle with a projector. You must go see it for yourself sometime.

I don't think I ever want to go to an amusement park without a wheelchair ever again. We were so spoiled.

Posing for the rides is obviously 80% of the fun. Am I right?! I said 90% when we were there and got shut down. So I'll compromise with 80. 

And best for last. The greatest tan lines you'll ever see. Every summer.
PS...this foot does not belong to me. It belongs to my dear father.

I start a new job tomorrow. I am going to be all over the place with work until September. Life is a bit overwhelming and complicated at the moment, but I know things will work out the way they are supposed to.


  1. Love this place. I like Disneyland better for the layout and if you have kids. But I have to say that I love Epcot. Not exactly sure why, but I do.

  2. What's your new job!? And why is your dad in a wheelchair?!


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