I had a birthday shout hooray

I'm the old age of 22 now. It feels like just yesterday I was having my 16th birthday party.
Those days I had parties with humans.
These days, I have parties with these guys...

The people I work with are the cutest. They made me feel so special and loved on my birthday.

My sweetheart also made my birthday so special, with breakfast in bed, and fun little gifts throughout the day. 

We started with my first gift at midnight, being Tei Fu, an essential oil Derek became a big fan of on his mission in Thailand. I'm falling for it as well. In the morning he started with giving me the Zen Habits book. I'm quite excited to read it. We love Zen Habits. If you don't know much about it, LEARN. It's wonderful. My next gift was the movie Casper. We both LOVED that movie growing up. After work everyday we meet in Bryant Park for a few minutes before Derek's night classes. We met and he gave me his last present, which was a cute coupon created my the Mr. himself, for a pair of new Toms. If you remember what my Toms looked like HERE, well, just imagine that but worse. With both big toes poking out much more than anyones should, and the insides completely worn and the top leather layer ripped off. They have served me well, but it was definitely time they be retired. Toms have saved my feet here in the city. They are my only shoes where I don't end with blisters at the end of the day. I walk so much.

I received so many sweet sweet phone calls. Some were HILARIOUS. They kept me entertained all night long while Derek was in class. I also spent a couple of hours on phone interviews that all went very well, which was a great birthday present to myself. Some changes happening over here in the job area. I'll keep ya updated. 

The sweet family I work for gave us a fancy dinner out for my birthday. It was so nice to go spend three hours talking away at a dinner with gorgeous views and no distractions. Definitely a night to remember.

Thank you Frasers! Sure love you guys!

My awesome in-laws also gave me the first two seasons on Downton Abbey. We're still trying to figure out the characters but we're definitely starting to get hooked. 

My family is on their way to Florida and had a layover here for church. They joined us.

Or at least they were there physically.

This week we'll be joining my family in Florida.
It's true, I'm off AGAIN. Anybody else feel like I'm ALWAYS on an airplane, cause I sure do!
We're trying to steal as much time with my "little" brother as we can before he heads off to Chihuahua Mexico for a couple of years! You can learn more about why he'd leave us for two whole years here. :)


  1. What a fun Birthday! So glad you got to hang with D:) yes you are always on a plane...I say take advantage of it:) how fun for the fam to hang with B before he leaves:) miss you!

  2. We love you, Amanda! If Jack could type his kisses and Claire could type a hug and snuggle here, they would.

  3. Dang Derek, it looks like you were taking a few too many drags from that wet bar... Is that a Port Douro Superior? Classy choice.

  4. 22 looks fabulous on you! I had to stifle a laugh about Casper. Ah...Bill Pullman and the cute kid they got to be the human Casper. Too funny. Happy Birfday!

  5. Happy Birthday Mands! I hope it was such a blast! You and derek look super cool in nyc!! Miss you around these parts!! Get working on my little guy's fiancé would ya?? ;)


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