"We Are Young" cuties and my job(s)

For smiles, here is a cute video for you to watch.

These cute twins know every song title, artist, album name, album cover picture, and the lyrics to all of them. It's truly amazing.

Yoga in Bryant Park

My headband broke, so I decided to make a bracelet out of it. I've gotten more compliments on it than any other jewelry item ever. Yay for recycling!

Yummiest snack ever. In fact, so yummy it turned into a whole dinner.
Gluten free crackers + cheese + turkey + avacado

Now... my "new" job. I am grateful to all of you for your care and interest. You're all the sweetest.
My job situation is a bit complicated at the moment. I have started a new part time nannying job that will potentially be a permanent part time job. 

I am switching jobs because the family I have worked for is moving to California. They have been traveling a lot to CA, meaning I have only worked 3 days for this new family the last two weeks (and counting) because this new family is also vacationing. It's been scary to not have work and not know what will happen, but I know and am praying it will all work out soon and everything will be ok. 

My other new part time job WAS going to be an internship at ABC 2020. After doing the interview with them a few months ago, they told me they would love to have me come work for them. I couldn't because I was working full time, but now that things have changed, it became a possibility. Well it now turns out that they thought I was a student, and I guess they only take students as interns. Hmph. So.... now I'm on the hunt for something else. I love nannying and it pays very well here in the city, but I think I am going to continue looking for a part time internship so I can build some sort of resume other than nannying.

Thank you all for your love and support. It means the world! 


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  1. The boy is totally tone deaf. Love it!


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