We are

celebrating family. We are soaking up time with brothers leaving for missions. We are enjoying Utah. We are loving the warmth. We (I) are having a really hard time training with the elevation here. My chest feels like its smashed by bricks. We are eating a lot of delicious food.

Oh and we're doing some of this too...


  1. Such a cute picture! You are stunning! Hope y'all have a great time in Utah!

    1. Megan! Thank you! Your comment made my day. And I'm so happy to discover your blog. Darling! xoxo

  2. Mands....love the glasses. You have such cute style. You guys are so cute together. I love it!!

  3. Come back soon--we all miss you! xo

  4. Derek is totally wearing his sunglasses... on top of his sunglasses. Nice!

  5. I saw Derek at church on Sunday and was looking for you so I could come say hi - I couldn't see you and figured you must've stayed back in NYC. Sad I missed you!! Hope you guys are having a blast back home. And you both look like total New Yorkers and I'm so incredibly jealous!


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