Working full time really makes you appreciate the weekend a lot more. 
Friday nights are mutual nights here in the city. So now that Derek has been called to YM, his Friday nights are now taken over by mutual. Luckily I was able to go and sit in the back and watch the creative, funny, and immature skits each ward had come up with. It was so entertaining. It made me wish so bad I was in YW.

We were able to squeeze in dinner before though, and holy cow! It was DELICIOUS.
Our appreciation for the food here is growing everyday, which also means our budget for eating out is growing everyday. :) I don't mind it one bit. Really though, groceries are so expensive here it hardly makes a difference. 

After mutual that took place at the temple, we walked home through Central Park from the west side to the east side. After Derek braving the park for our #LRIH adventure, we now know how safe and beautiful the park is at night. I'm in love. Also, that moon! Can you believe it?

Saturday we watched the Derby. Bodemeister was my pick, and he made me proud! He was in first place the whole race until the last few seconds when I'll Take Another pulled ahead. Next year I WILL have a fancy hat. It's going to be a tradition. I'm so excited about it. 
Our full length mirror arrived, and for the first time since moving here, I can see myself head to toe. I have fully relied on the opinions of Derek to this point, and he has been a great fashion consultant. Actually I wouldn't know, cause I couldn't actually see myself, but I'll pretend he was so I can think I was cute these last 4 months. 

It's become tradition to take Sunday pictures while walking home. Don't ask Derek how much he loves it. Actually, I'll just tell you. He doesn't. But I love when Derek dresses up. He looks dang good AND he wears one of my Grandpa Hallsted's ties almost every Sunday. I love so much that he loves them so much. Ahhh.

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  1. You guys are so retro-fashionable with both in glasses and the style in which you portray/edit your pictures. Too much fun! Loved this post.


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