The sleepy heads are back

I wrote this post like a week ago, and never got around to adding pics and posting it:

I have said this multiple times in my life, but with 100% confidence I can say that I have never been more tired in my whole life. Yesterday was the strangest day. I promise you that I would fall asleep within 3 seconds of sitting down, and within 10 seconds of standing up if I weren't talking or preoccupied. After calculating my sleep hours, I was surprised to discover that I did not sleep more than 20 hours an entire 7 days. Ah!! Normally I would have slept 56 hours in that same span. My body was shutting down on me. I was having trouble walking. I was slurring my words. I was confused.

We flew through the night from Utah to NY Sunday night. We arrived in NY, dropped our luggage off at home, I slept for 30 minutes before having to get right back up to come to work. I looked like death with no makeup on my skin, leftover makeup smeared all around my eyes, greasy hair, and the same clothes from the day before. Luckily the family I work for is so nice and let me sleep while the baby was sleeping. That gave me another hour. I took every second I could get. I slept every second on the subway between stops, the short bus ride to my apt, and crashed a good ten hours last night. Ahhh it was so good. I think I could use one or two more nights of a ten hour slumber, and I'll be back on track.

Twenty hours of sleep must mean we had a good time in Utah. Well, we did. It was so good to spend so much time with Justin before he leaves on his mission to Pittsburgh. He will be a rockstar of a missionary. We're so proud of him.

Our first morning there we surprised the birthday boy. He didn't think we were going to make it. He was so cute. He got the jelly bean game for his birthday. You spin the wheel and it gives you a jelly bean you're supposed to pick. One is gross, one is yummy, but they are identical. He was CRACKING up the whole time. We think it's the worst game ever invented.

Black licorice or skunk?

Skunk it is!

After our first breakfast of horrific jelly beans(I had barf/peach. Of course I picked barf. I almost barfed while eating it. The rule is you have to swallow it. You can't spit it out. I must love my brother a lot), we took him out to a real breakfast.

Friday morning we got to go fishing with Papa Bear (my dad has requested to be called Papa Bear instead of grandpa. He is the cutest.)

The missionary boys: Derek's brother and my brother.

It was a fun treat to ride this around with the top down in the beautiful Utah weather!


City Creek.


Mother's Day

Time with Papa (My MIL's father). Sure love that man.


  1. Papa Bear - love it! I love that he's so excited to be a grandpa...is he one already? :)

    1. He wishes. :) no he is not. The whole world will know when I'm pregnant. I promise. I'll be telling everyone I see I'm sure!

  2. Oh such a fun trip! It is crazy to think Breton will be leaving on his mission...you are one awesome sister to buy and then play the jeely bean game with Hyrum...oh I miss you guys!!!

    1. We miss you!! And the game was actually from my Mom. We just played it with him. Cause we're THAT nice.

  3. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


    1. Strangers are my favorite! So glad you stopped by! You may be seeing some of me around your place as well :) xo


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