Today I

said "Did you have a good day?" to a man in our ward that lives two floors below us, and he replied with "Thanks you too" while getting off the elevator.

picked up a package from our not so friendly doorman while he proceeded to laugh and joke with me like we're best friends. It was weird, but I felt a sense of relief. But I don't think I showed it one bit. Sorry mister. I was confused. I have a bit of an awkward history with doorman Nelson.

met Mr. D for dinner at the Shake Shack after we both worked and before he had night school. That is now time we cherish so much as it is our only time in the day together.

got some butt lovin' from a large black man on the subway. It's not out of the ordinary to be touched and awkwardly smashed against strangers when riding the subway at the busy hours I do, but today was intentional and he loved every second of it.

found some motivation to get running again. Our trip to Utah severely stunted all motivation to run and desire to eat healthy. Oh, and I played a little I Spy while jogging. First person to name it gets a blog hug.

thought a lot about our babies waiting for us up in heaven. I think about them daily. Is this weird? They have played a huge role in my life and I feel like I love them so much already. (not pregnant)

talked anniversary plans with D and got a little giddy. I've been told to not worry about a thing. Makes my heart pitter patter. I can't wait.

realized that Derek's night school might not be all that terrible. I'm so productive when he's gone. I thought that I'd just be a depressed nincompoop and the TV and I would have bonding time each night, but we, the TV and I, haven't looked at each other or talked once. For that I'm thrilled because my running shoes got some attention, my books, and my pile of clothes I've been avoiding unpacking at all costs. So much alone time may get old, but for now, I'm enjoying it.

have felt Heavenly Father's love for me so much. I had an experience last night I'd like to consider a tender mercy. I was reading Stephanie Nielson's book "Heaven is Here" while laying in bed waiting for D to join me. Reading away, I came across an italicized phrase saying, It will pass. This time will pass. What I consider a trial of mine is no where near comparable to Stephanie's tragic accident and trial, but it has been difficult for me, and Heavenly Father knew that was exactly what I needed to hear. I  got the chills and was completely overcome with the spirit. This has given me a little boost of hope. Thanking my Father in Heaven for that.


  1. Not weird. I think about my heavenly babies daily too. (not pregnant) I like this post. You're great.

  2. ha ha! (not pregnant). I like how this is a necessity when discussing anything along the lines of "babies" because everyone is expecting us to be pregnant. Also, if you ever need a friend on those lonely nights, you know where to find me. I have spent nights alone for almost a year now, and it is THE WORST!!! One thing I've learned though, is that you really can be productive during those times, and that it is best to think of others and how you can help someone else rather than thinking about how much you hate being alone... because it only makes it worse. ha ha. Love you, girly!

  3. I'm reading your blog and Chad looks over my shoulder and says, "Seeing Amanda and Derek in New York REALLY makes me want us to have an experience like that." So, thanks for the inspiration!

    Also, I totally understand the night class thing. Chad had a night class this past semester and I promise it was my most productive 3 hours of the week. Enjoy it! And then, enjoy every minute you have together!

    Love you guys!

  4. Disturbia with the butt lovin' time! Glad you can look on the positive side there and laugh at it! Hahaha! I love that you love life - your life. I need to slow down and enjoy more of the moments. I miss having those more frequently. So I need to enjoy the ones I DO get. Glad you had the time of your life in Uta(r). (Yes, I meant to spell it like that. My family used to joke around by putting an R at the end -- I don't know why.)


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