Lime Ricki Instahunt

We found the $80 gift card in Central Park! And by we I mean...my sweet husband. 
We were babysitting and Roxy called and told me about this Lime Ricki Instahunt through Instagram. They hid $80 gift cards in cities throughout the country, one in each city. Manhattan still hadn't been found when she told me about it at 8:30 PM, and we were babysitting right next to Central Park, so I stayed with the sleeping kiddos and sent the husband and dog on their way. I'll be honest, I was shocked he was up for it. He is SO nice. He walked ten blocks south, then braved the night of central park to the center where the fountain sits. 

We were scared for his safety, I tried to give him a knife, he wouldn't take it, we talked the whole way he walked, he ended up feeling totally safe, he updates me every minute on his progress, finally the Bethseda Fountain is in site, I'm freaking out, we're both freaking out, I'm convinced it'll be there, Derek doesn't think it will be, he gets there, there are tons of people for some odd reason, he uses his light to find the bench, he finds it, my heart is pounding, he's searching high and low, and suddenly his hand brushes across an envelope, and voila!!!
It's all ours!!!

I was shocked. I honestly never win giveaways of any kind, so this was a pretty exciting night. Couldn't have done it without my sista Roxo Foxo, and without my sweet husband willing to brave the park at night and go hunt for it. 

Now I'm having the dilemma of what to get in the $80 budget. I want to get Derek this cutest coral suit, but have one that I love too. But if we get both, it's more than $80. He couldn't care less about a suit, I could. He could use it more than me. What do you do?! Being lucky has it's trials too I guess. :p



  2. So, I decided to come clean and tell you I LOVE reading your blog! I love the post about the Lyme Ricki cards in Central Park (good hubby, risking his life for you) and your apartment decor (so dang cute) and the post about your momma and momma in law. LOVE YOU GIRL and love your blog! - Fondly, Sister SNOWCONE!!!


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