Fudge yeah!

I have a crazy love for fudge. If we're ever on a trip and there is a fudge shop, I have to go in and at least check it out. My love for fudge began in Nauvoo when I spent part of the summer there with my family performing in the Nauvoo Pageant. Another favorite fudge shop is in Waterton, Canada.

Well, I have always thought there is some big secret to making fudge.
Anyone else have this same idea?
It's SO easy.

I've put off making it for quite some time, worried that if I learned how, I'd make it all the time. It also takes away some of the excitement of getting it on special occasions. I made it anyways, and holy cow. It's so good. And so extremely unhealthy. I think it might have to just be a Christmas time tradition for our health's sake.

Also, did you notice anything extremely amazing and beautiful and fabulous and practically perfect about the pictures??? :)
We got our camera!! I still get butterflies when I'm taking pictures.

Here is the ultra easy but deliciously unhealthy recipe I used for the fudge.
Found here.

**One little tip I found very helpful. I lined my pan with foil instead of greasing it. I was able to just pull the foil out and lay it flat to cut with a pizza cutter once the fudge had set. MUCH easier and cleaner.


  1. Your fudge pictures do look amazing and so does the fudge:) what camera did you end up getting?!

    1. The Nikon D5100! Same as you right? We also got the VR 2 lens instead of just the regular one. It's so amazing. We're loving it.

  2. I was definitely admiring your pictures wondering if you found them online somewhere. What camera did you get?

    1. We had so many great opinions. I somehow am always convinced by whatever my dad says though. :p He is like master researcher, and he recommended the Nikon D5100. And instead of getting the regular lens, we upgraded to the VR 2. Big upgrade but SO glad we did it. We're so happy with it.

  3. Oh my! you know how I love fudge! It would almost be worth the 5 hour red eye just to come and eat some of that it looks so good!

  4. Yay so glad you got the nikon d5100 now we can teach eachother some tricks:) I have the standard lens and then the AF-Nikkor 55-300mm lens just make sure youj buy a uv lens cover to protect your lens:) they are like $8 or cheaper can't wait to see more pics!


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