Opinions please!

So a couple comments from my last post lead me to thinking more about what I should get. I can choose between a lot of different adobe software. I love designing headers, invitations, cards, things like that. I also want to get into photography when I have a nicer camera someday.

What programs have you experienced and what would you recommend?

I can choose from the following...

Acrobat Pro
Photoshop Elements
Premiere Elements

I would love some feedback because I only get to choose one and I have to let her know ASAP! Thank you!!

Sidenote: we are having a safari birthday for little Jack today. Here's a peek at what is all over today.


  1. Photoshop will be the most versatile for what you are doing. It has a learning curve but you can do some amazing things with it. Illustrator would be 2nd but your photo editing options are severely restricted with Illustrator. Just my two cents.

  2. I have Elements... but thats just because I didnt want to pay an arm/leg. I would LOVE to get into scrapblogging/invitations all that stuff but just havent learned. I am not huge of making drastic changes to my pictures.... so elements has been perfect for me. You can download trials from the Adobe website, maybe you should play with some tutorials and the downloads to decide what you want? All of them are going to have a major learning curve. Good luck!

  3. I meant digital scrapbooking. :)

  4. Illustrator is kinda a pain to learn to work with - but once you learn it, it is great for creating things. Acrobat Pro is super lame. I love to work with Photoshop, but that is because I know it best and can make it do what I want. For cards and invites and such, InDesign is probably the best - that's what the designers in my office use. I've never tried Premiere Elements though. Good luck!


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