My bestie

Weekends are SO good. Better than they've ever been. I love them here. There is never ending fun and they are so relaxing. I have a million different things to write about. But I won't ramble. We have a favorite restaurant picked out, The Riverwalk. It's so yummy, conveniently on the island, and not too expensive! But we also love our Thai places... Mmmm.

Guess who I saw tonight!!!! Kaitlin!!! It was so great seeing her. Gosh I love that girl. We went and found her at a fireside she was at in Queens. :)

We started our canvases! I'm so excited. But kind of nervous. But mostly excited. We also got a killer deal on a beautiful big gray shag rug. We're in love.Our place is very simple but looking pretty good! Ill have to give you a tour when it's more complete!

The weather in incredible. And two of our favorite people are coming to stay this week! Can't wait!

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  1. Glad you are having a ton of fun in NYC! I love your hair btw!


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