both wear glasses

always go to bed at the same time...ALWAYS later than planned

love our shows

enjoy designing

love NYC

like dreaming big


are so thankful to Mary Shaw for getting us Adobe Photoshop for practically free!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

This is SUCH a blessing. I have wanted it forEVER! I now need it for work but was having a hard time wanting to pay for it when we have SO many things to pay for right now, "like such as" education, surgery, flying back and forth all the time, and living in a crazy expensive city. We could never thank her enough!!!

This also means...I can design all of those headers for you guys with something more advanced than Picnik!! Did I really just admit that I use that for everything? Yeah, lame. But I am forever grateful to Picnik. I will miss them. I can't wait to get my Photoshop in the mail!!


  1. Photoshop is fun.. but gives me a serious headahce.. You will have to share all the fun things you learn on it :)

  2. I like photoshop but I am still learning it I actually like lightroom a lot better I am just going to edit with picnik till it goes away I figure I already know how to use it so itmakes it easier but soon enough I will need to learn photoshop


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