To answer the many questions....

A month or so before we moved to NY, we found out I had to get surgery. I had been having pain and discomfort for quite some time. I knew it was probably nothing serious, but when it's our future kids on the line, I feel extra responsibility to take care of myself.

We found out that I had endometriosis and vulvar vestibulitis. You are more than welcome to research the female goodness of it all but I won't go into detail. :)

So the plan was to move, come back for about 1 week for surgery, and get right back to NY to find a job and be with Derek! Well...here I am 2 and half weeks later stuck in Utah, either in bed or on the couch, with recent news that I have to stay for at least another week and a half because I somehow ripped my stitches. Boo. When the doctor told me, my heart just sank and I almost broke into tears. I'll admit, I cried in the bathroom for a bit when I got home. I miss Derek. We didn't plan to be out of work for so long either. I feel pressure to get to work. I feel bad that Derek has had to be responsible for putting together the whole apartment. He has now started school in NY. I wish I could be there to greet him with a hug and a kiss when he gets home from school each day.

But if anything, this has been a growing experience. A frustrating one, but a good one.
I realize that I have taken my health for granted my whole life. I have taken time with Derek for granted. I have taken walking for granted. I have been through many emotions throughout this experience. I have felt scared, excited to fix the pain and hopefully make it possible for us to have children someday, grateful for incredible family, sad to be away from Derek for so long, bored, lonely, but mostly grateful.

My gratitude and love for Derek has grown incredibly. Marriage is really an incredible thing. To love someone so much, to rely on them, to miss them, to give, to take, to share, and to trust. It's all so beautiful.

And so is FaceTime.
It's saving us.

Good news! He's loving school! He's the youngest one there, and obviously the hottest one there. I know he's going to do so well.

ONLY (that's me trying to be positive) 9 days till I can go home.
Hopefully. :)



  1. We love you both so much! I was just thinking the other day how sad I was to not have been able to get together with you guys before you moved. So So Sorry to hear about the delay and of course the surgery. Surgery is so hard and its the worst, I know from experience. Sending my thoughts and prayers your way for a quick recovery and a speedy return to your cute husband. If there is anything I can do before you go let me know please! If you want visitors, Molly and I would love to come see you:) xoxo

  2. Yikes! That does not sound like fun. Hopefully you get home to derek soon. I am so jealous you guys are living in New York. I will be visiting very soon. ;)

  3. What an experience. I'm proud of your positive attitude, though. This has got to be a trying experience on the whole and could be very negative. You're vulnerability and love for your husband is beautiful. You will get back soon. Things will work out. I'll pray for you too. :)


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