So touching

If you have a spare second, I would recommend reading this.
It is absolutely beautiful. It only takes about 15 seconds to read.
This is my cousin's blog. They just gave birth to this sweet little girl. She came extremely early and only lived just over an hour. Their outlook is incredible.


  1. This had me in tears. My heart goes out to your cousin; I can only imagine her grief. This is perfect. My sympathy is so immense for I can somewhat (very minimally) understand.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Amanda..It really made me appreciate the people that I have in my life. The way they handled it is so amazing to me. I hope they are blessed!

  3. Made me teary-eyed. This is what would have happened to our Bekah only 15 yrs before she was born. Her little heart wouldn't have been able to sustain her. Such faith and such love are rare, beautiful gifts. What a blessing that the Lord gave them that sweet assurance. He really is a God of Mercy!


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