Sweet reminders

I'm downstairs in my temporary bedroom, the house is silent, everyone is sleeping, and my heart is so full. With so much gratitude for those in my life, and for so many blessings.

I came across THIS blog tonight, and it touched me, and even more reminded me of my New Years Resolution. Treat everyone as if it were my last moment with them. This sweet family lost a son/brother in October, and 4 days ago they lost a husband/father. My heart is aching so much for them. I'm laying in bed with tears streaming down my face, but as much as I hurt for this family and my cousin and so many others going through this, I'm grateful for the strong reminder it is to appreciate those we love, worry less about the little things, and focus on what is most important. Prayers are going out to this sweet family.

1 comment:

  1. I was reading through this blog last night also. So sad. Life is so fragile.


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