what's trending in the walker home?

Well hey guys,
Here to report an update on the Walkers, this is Derek speaking. Here are 10 things that been trending in the Walker home lately:

#1 Not-school
I graduated from the University of Utah exactly 3 days ago... assuming something didn't go horribly wrong on any of my finals. Needless to say, it's been nice being done. I have a nice month break and then jump right back in. A month will suffice.

#2: Vampire Weekend
The band. They are kinda crazy cool.

#3: Fear Factor
It's back! Amanda used to have a lifelong dream of being on that show. What a cutie. Unfortunately that dream is now dead. Her new dream is to watch the show without being on it. So far we are accomplishing that dream.

#4: Buddha
I'm reading a book called Siddartha about the life of Buddha. As you all know, I served in Thailand, where it's 98% buddhist. I made a mental note to get to know Buddhism via literature when I get home. Therefore, I am reading Siddartha. Also, I have been home over 2 years now!

#5: Tegan and Sara
The band. I have gone through phases of almost all kinds of music throughout my life, but indie-girl band music has not been one. Well, now it is.

#6: Arrested Development
We just started watching the 3rd season again.

#7: Packing and selling our stuff
I love getting rid of stuff. It feels good.

#8: Longboarding
Amanda pulled out my longboard from under the bed and we had fun riding around our kitchen together. Well, we tried to ride together.

#9: Our NY apartment
We signed the lease! I designed our apartment on Google Sketchup and Amanda furnished it.

#10: The NBA
Also back! We have a tradition with my family where we all choose who we think is going to win the championship in the preseason. Not who we WANT to win, just who we THINK will win. Amanda chose the NY Knicks and I chose the Miami Heat. If we are all being honest with ourselves, I will most likely be right. Right?

These are all the trends I can think of right now. Trends change everyday, so stay tuned. Hope you are all doing well.


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  1. Yeah, you should have been right last season too!

    Um, and longboarding in the kitchen would be totally impossible. You're kitchen is as long as a long board. No movement possible at all.


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