Puttin our lives in boxes

I chopped it off, it's true!

Moving has been a bitter sweet experience. We can't take much with us, so we are having to sell and pack up most everything. We have sold everything but Derek's desk. As of today we have all of our decorations packed away. Tomorrow we are tackling all of our cooking stuff we aren't taking with us. We are excited to start over, but sad to leave so many things behind.

Christmas was lovely. We spent good quality time with both families. Santa was so nice to us as well as our families. We sure do love them.

And i sure miss this little guy. Looking at these pictures makes me cry. He is seriously the sweetest little guy. Derek and I miss him TONS. I had my last day of work on the 23rd. These are some pics of our last day together.



He is so fun and full of so much energy all the time. I've never recieved more hugs and kisses in my life than when I watched Zander. His new nanny better be good to those kids or she'll get an earful from me. ;)


  1. You cut your hair?!

  2. Love the new do! (Kevin's quite ga-ga about it too!)

  3. OH Zander! That picture at Hogle Zoo...you look like such a hot mama! That's what you'll look like walking the kids around central park.
    I wish you didn't move away already. I'm calling you in oooone hour.


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