That moment when you shouldn't be laughing

Tonight we saw the amazing Forgotten Carols. I love it. It brings such a special Christmas spirit. But tonight I probably ruined that spirit for about 20 other audience members who could hear me dying laughing. There was a special needs girl in the audience (and turns out I actually peer tutored her in HS. I saw her after the show). She yelled sometimes. Well good ol' Michael McLean at one point in the show says, "It's ok, just let it all out!". Of course at that exact moment this certain audience member yells long and loud. It couldn't have been timed better. I was shaking. I had tears running down my face that was buried in derek's jacket. I was plugging my nose and covering my mouth as tight as I could. I'd hear my brother in law giggle then I'd lose it again ten minutes after it had passed. He'd hear me giggle or see me shake, and he'd crack up. I'm laughing just sitting here writing this.

Probably one of my more immature moments, but I seriously could not contain myself. I'm sure everyone behind and in front of us that could hear us cracking up are at home talking about the immature people they were sitting by. I'd like to be able to say that I'm glad I'll never see any of them ever again, but unfortunately two of them are in my family's ward. Whoops.

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