Mustache Mania Going Away party and Derek's 23rd Birthday!

Friday night was a good start to some birthday partying! We had a blast!
Derek's dear friends threw us and D's bestie Stephen a going away party.
Mustaches were very present and very impressive. We chatted, played in the gym, ate yummies, found out some great friends are pregnant, and of course the boys had to watch Grind. We didn't end up getting home until 4:30! Must say that's the hardest partying we've done since we got married, and we had an absolute blast.
Yesterday was D's 23rd birthday! I had every intention of waking up bright and early to decorate and make a breakfast to wake him up to, but needless to say I couldn't wake up with only a few hours of sleep goin' for me. We slept in. Miracle. He still got his breakfast in bed at 10:30, a little scavenger hunt for presents which included his long awaited Kindle, a 2 hour nap, and dinner at Bajio! It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. I had hoped for less sleeping but neither of us regret it one bit. We had a birthday dinner with the Walkers the night before as well. It's been a great week/weekend! So sad it's over!

Christmas is just around the corner. We're loving the music, having the few decorations we have up, reading by the tree, sipping hot cocoa, and getting ready for NYC. Traditions have been a lot harder to live up to than I thought. Especially with all the craziness of D finishing his last semester, full time work, working at the temple, moving, and not having kids to do many of the children traditions with.
I'd love to hear some of your Christmas traditions. Do share! If anyone even reads this anymore. Ha.


  1. Before we had a baby we didn't even put a tree up, so you guys are doing better than we ever did. Now that we have Hadley we took a family Christmas picture, delivered sugar cookies to neighbors, bought Hadley a special ornament, took her to see Santa, and we watch at least one Christmas movie a week.

    Happy birthday to Derek! Derek, Grant Spackman and I were all born within a month of each other. Growing up I wished Derek and Grant were girls so I could have girl cousins my age. :)

  2. i read it! It was great to see pictures from the bday that we were trying to visualize over dinner last night :)


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