Happy Sabbath Day

Good Morning!

Currently, Derek is running to the store to buy 4 large tomatoes to save our soup we are making for a big family dinner. He is always a meal saver. Last night as I pre-measured and chopped and cooked everything to be able to throw it all in today, Derek read Deception Point to me. It was a good night.

Nannying is keeping me busy. I put so much pressure on myself to be a super-nanny all the time by crafting, singing, dancing, playing never ending games and going on field trip after field trip, BUT one day last week I couldn't do it. I didn't have the energy. I couldn't keep trying to feed one baby a bottle right on schedule as the other runs through the house yelling, "Come on Mana! Watch! Hey! Watch!" and as he doesn't get as much attention as he would like, he tips basketball hoops over and throws wipes through the house to make me put the baby down to stop him. Well it didn't work. I ignored him, and eventually he came and sat by me with his "baby" and burped and changed his poops as I did the same with baby Aria. But after 2 minutes, it started up again...
So the super nanny amanda gave in, turned on the TV for the first time ever, and fed him as many organic cheddar bunnies as he wanted until I could finish with Aria.
It felt good to sit to feed the baby, and I'm sure Aria liked it too.

Zander turned 2! We went bowling and got lunch. He was a wild bowler running and sliding down the isle as the ball is practically rolling backwards it's going so slow.

Best day of nannying yet! Derek came over for the afternoon.
All who think Derek is a cute daddy say I!

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday.
We are going to a family party for sunday. I am making a yummy Italian sausage, tortellini, veggie soup, then will run to interpret a ward, then speedy drive to our family. We truly hardly have a chance to breathe, ever, but life is good to us and we are enjoying our busy lives. Hope you are too.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for my sweet husband and his patience with me and my crazy schedule. He supports me in all that I am doing and never complains. He keeps me laughing and having fun. He makes me think about deep things. He makes me want to be a better person. He makes me feel beautiful. He supports my weaknesses. I love him dearly. I am also especially grateful for family as we are nearing leaving. Now that leaving is for real, family is seeming more and more important to me. I want to cherish the time that we have with them before that time becomes more and more rare.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?


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