It's finally here!

I can finally listen to Christmas music without people telling me I'm crazy! Woohoo!

I've decided Thanksgiving in Arizona is mostly cool...

except for that awkward moment when...

You're get asked if you're pregnant

You're dad talks about why he is grateful for each of his kids during the extended family thank-you-mony and when he gets to me he says...well, you all know Amanda, and she isn't the quietest person, we definitely know when she's around, but we're sure glad she found Derek. Derek's so great for Amanda. (Something to that effect. Ouch perhaps? He was being funny. And later said that I'm happy and funny. Saved himself. :p) I actually wasn't there. We had run off to another family party, but I got to hear about it after. Lovely.

You are told, "Oh you have horse hair like your mom." News to me!

I can take it. It makes for some good laughs, so it's ok. Overall it's been so great! I really love Arizona. So many memories here...Tomorrow is our last day. It's gone by WAY too fast. I have so much to be grateful for and love this time of year that reminds me of those many things in my life that keep me going day to day. I am especially grateful for Derek. I know you've heard that a million times :) He is so good to me. I hope you have all had a great Thanksgiving!

xoxo and many gobbles,

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