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Amanda here. So you know that post a couple down about being frustrated about being late to everything etc? Well we made a schedule. We have been quite successful at following it, and it feels SOOO good! I have been much happier. I haven't been 2 minutes late to work, I've actually been a few minutes early. We've made it to the gym every night. I've eaten breakfast and gotten ready! It's totally awesome. There is a time for everything. Might seem a bit OCD, but it works.

Well I am currently supposed to be in bed reading, snuggling, trying to fall asleep, etc. Lights out is in 20 minutes. So we do get a little bit off. Apparently we both get quite distracted designing things. I just finished designing something for fun, and I just looked over and derek is designing something. Haha.

Sound like we have nothing going on in our lives and too much spare time? Well we don't. But we do, BECAUSE of our schedule! It's wicked guys. I highly recommend giving it a try.

I still need to upload pics from my phone to show you so many things that have been going on.

Pic from Thanksgiving in AZ 3 years ago

We're going to AZ for Thanksgiving and I'm SO excited! I have a sweet husband who is ready to face the never ending family parties and never leaving when we say we will.

And a little goodbye treat.
Lagoon in like 2004.
So many awkward but special things about this picture.

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