Nice Wife

Because I love Derek, I told him I'd watch a scary movie with him.
If you didn't know, I despise them.
He now has to do favors for me for 7 days....

But really I think he was more scared than I was. :)


  1. That is a nice wife! I hate scary movies and haunted houses.

  2. What a nice wife you are! K honestly I use to like scary movies but recently I have become such a baby to them! They freak me out and give me the creeps. Dallin H-A-T-E-S scary movies so I guess I don't need to worry about seeing any any time soon. We miss you guys!!! Please please lets play before you leave us for NYC! xoxo

  3. danny always makes serious fun of me when we watch scary movies. (well when HE watches scary movies while im covering my eyes). that movie is messed, fake or not!
    you are a good wife!!

    um CUTE new header! do you make your own? so creative!!


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